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What is stage truss?

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What is stage truss?

With the development of the metalworking industry, more and more types of metal products are beginning to appear in people's lives. Metal products play a great role in modern industry, and today we are going to introduce metal products such as stage trusses, a kind of equipment that plays a great role in stage performance. The stage truss is an aluminum product and its applications and characteristics will be highlighted in this article.


Where can the stage truss be applied?

The main function of the stage truss

The main characteristics of the stage truss


Where can the stage truss be applied?

Stage truss can be applied in a host of applications. First and foremost, stage trusses allow lighting designers the freedom to hang LED or automatic luminaires, often referred to as movers on stage. The greatest function of a stage truss is to help bring performers and audience members closer together, thus creating a sense of interaction.


Generally speaking, stage trusses can be used in a variety of high-traffic areas such as stage theatres, concerts, performing arts, or trade shows, arenas, and stadiums where stage performances are required. In short, stage trusses can help to create a better performance on stage.


The main function of the stage truss

The main function of a stage truss is to provide a load and movement function. The principle of a truss is a geometrically invariable structure formed by a number of triangular frames made of straight rods. Its structural characteristics make it capable of carrying loads. Under load, the joist bars are mainly subjected to axial tension or pressure, thus making full use of the strength of the material, which not only saves material but also reduces self-weight and increases stiffness when the span is large.


The main characteristics of the stage truss


Our stage trusses are mainly made of aluminium alloy, which is lightweight and half the weight of traditional iron trusses, making them easy to transport. It can save a lot of money on labor costs.



Our stage trusses have good resistance to pressure and load-bearing capacity. Due to the characteristics of aluminium alloy, it also has good corrosion resistance and durability. It can be used in various environments and has a long service life.


·Highly customizable

Our stage trusses are highly customizable, in terms of size, structure, length, height, width, and many other aspects to suit the customer's needs. When choosing a stage truss, the use of the truss should be considered in a comprehensive manner.

To summarize, these are the main features of the stage truss, it should be pointed out that a complete aluminium alloy truss system mainly consists of aluminium alloy trusses of different specifications, for example, base, counter head, inclined support, square set, and so on. These components need to be built and assembled by professional personnel. We have extensive experience and strict quality control in the production of trusses. As a result, our stage trusses can play an important role in many areas.

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