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Dragon Stage is a professional event solution company, we can supply a wide range of events needs and provide soursing services in China

Make sure your event is memorable with our latest offerings in event supplies. We have wedding event jewelries (such as earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bangles, bracelets), gift packing box ( wooden box, paper box, leather box), event decoration items ( such as christmas tree, easter eggs, rabbit, balloon, shining stars) party invitations, personalized banners, name cards, thank you cards, and much more. 

All of our products are made with the highest quality materials and are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can also get your event off to a great start with personalized photo frames, customizable banner kits, and much more. Our staff will help you plan the perfect event for you and your guests.

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Knowleges About Our Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding
technical articles about our single mobile scaffolding, double mobile scaffolding and folding mobile scaffolding.
double scaffolding with ladders (1).jpg
Aluminum alloy scaffold safety operation precautions

As the technology is constantly advanced and developed, aluminum alloy materials widely used in high-intensity use are widely used in today's production and life.application.The fast-mounted aluminum alloy scaffold is divided into several, mainly according to its width.Single width aluminum alloy2.

construction double scaffolding with climbing ladder.jpg
how about the market of mobile scaffolding rental business

After being leased, aluminum alloy scaffolding is often used in shipbuilding, construction, municipal engineering, electric power, communications, gardens, venues, airports, ports, fire-fighting advertising installations, and various large industrial and mining enterprises. This kind of aerial work platform is the inevitable choice to realize the standardization, safety and efficiency of aerial work construction!

outdoor double scaffolding with climbing ladder.jpg
Summary of advantages of mobile aluminum scaffolding

Summary of advantages of mobile aluminum scaffolding

tower mobile portable double scaffolding with step ladder.jpg
What are the specifications of aluminum scaffolding?

aluminum scaffolding specification Information1. Name: aluminum scaffolding, quick-mounting aluminum scaffolding, door-type aluminum scaffolding2. total Specification: 2000mm*1350m/2500mm*1350m/3000mm*1350m ; 2000mm*750m/2500mm*750m/3000mm*750m3. Material quality: aluminum alloy 6061-T64. Tube diame

mobile double scaffolding with step ladder.jpg
what are characteristics of aluminum mobile platform/mobile scaffolding

2. Process characteristics of aluminum alloy mobile platform/mobile scaffolding1. Fast installation and disassembly: aluminum alloy material is light in weight and high in strength. Both ends of the cross bar and diagonal bar are connected by spring buckles, which has good overall stability, and the

tower double scaffolding with step ladder.jpg
what are ​tips or suggestions for using an aluminum mobile scaffolding

tips or suggestions for using an aluminum mobile scaffolding1. Check that all components are on the working position and ensure that the structure is good2. Check whether the ground meets the conditions for tower construction and movement3. It is recommended to install temporary guardrails during to

Rolling Mobile Tower Foldable scaffolding.jpg
what are precausions for mobile scaffolding usage

1. Check before moving. During the movement, there are no obstacles on the ground, such as high-altitude obstacles such as building roof structure, cables and wires.2. The aluminum alloy tower is used at high altitude, and the wind factor plays a great role. In the appropriate wind environment, pay

tower scaffolding (2).png
what are advantages of aluminum alloy scaffolding comparing with steel scaffold

1. Shenzhen aluminum alloy scaffolding is lighter than traditional iron scaffolding, and its carrying weight can reach 900 kg.2. The connection method is better and safer than the traditional iron frame. The traditional iron frame lacks connection up and down, and the hollow design of the iron frame

single scaffold work in staircase.jpg
key points for installing a scaffolding tower

● When the aluminum tower is built alone, the highest working platform can not exceed 8 meters when it is used outdoors. If more than 8 meters, relevant experts shall be consulted and corresponding protective measures shall be taken.● Staff can only fall from the inner side of the ladder in the towe

tower double scaffolding with step ladder.jpg
what are Main technical performance for aluminum scaffolding

● The maximum bearing capacity of the top platform is 200Kg/㎡, and the maximum bearing capacity of the tower (including its own weight) is 1000kg.● Aluminum alloy tower has different height combination form: working table height from 2.5 meters to 13.1 meters range can choose different assembly form

Mobile Tower Double scaffolding with 45degree ladder.jpg
how to choose right casters for aluminum mobile scaffolding

We all know that aluminum scaffolding is different from iron scaffolding; they are built at a higher height, and each accessory has stricter requirements. So, what kind of wheels are suitable for making aluminum scaffold wheels?aluminum scaffolding is also called mobile fast-mounted aluminum scaffol

mobile construction double scaffolding with step ladder.jpg
how to check the aluminum scaffolding tower properly in right way

7 m aluminum alloy scaffolds must be inspected by qualified personnel before they are used. If there are any material additions, removals or changes, they should also be inspected. All aluminium scaffolding safety items should be checked. The inspection shall include:1) Check whether it is vertical


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