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Club truss is a kind of custom truss. It is used for club lighting systems and equipment to perform kinds of designed movements and demonstrate a serial of effects to give audiences and actors impressions for the club theme, make the whole performances lively and full of vigor.
Usually, club trusses are designed to stage machinery and constraint to the space limits and equipment's parameter. It requires an overall consideration from aesthetics to safety.
Dragon Stage company has been producing custom truss since 2008. We have profound experience in club truss design and manufacture.
To make each club unique, we give different club with respective services regarding to clients' needs and facts.
Normally, our services and work fall into 3 kinds.
1. give full design on client's ideas with our machines and equipment;
2. give custom club overall design as client's machines and equipment, but requires client have machines and equipment engineer representative to coordinate;
3. design truss system as client's machines and equipment parameters, but requires total design of club for details;
4. custom produce as client's truss design, but requires detail shop drawing.
Club Truss by Dragon Stage
  • A full set of "club truss" is a type of truss that is custom produced specifically for use in nightclubs or similar venues where lighting and sound systems, stage effects and stage equipment are commonly used. It is the backbone system of the total club skeleton.
  • Club trusses are often designed to be visually striking and may feature various shapes and configurations to enhance the overall aesthetic of the venue. They may also be designed to support lighting fixtures and other equipment that is commonly used in nightclubs, such as speakers and video screens.
  • The exact design and specifications of club trusses can vary depending on the specific needs of the venue, the type of equipment being used, and other factors. However, they are generally designed to be strong and durable enough to support heavy loads and withstand regular use in a high-energy environment.
Welcome to Club Truss – the premier source for high-quality truss systems for the nightclub and entertainment industry!
How Do We Design Custom Club Truss
  • Designing a custom truss can be a complex process that requires a good understanding of engineering and structural principles. THEREFORE, we need a lot of time to communicate with our clients about the details of the whole structure.

    1. Determine the specific needs of the truss: Before starting to design a custom truss, we need to understand what it will be used for and what specific requirements it needs to meet. We shall have a kick-off meeting to discuss with the client and equipment suppliers. Make sure we can fully understand the client's needs and requirements before beginning the design and production process. Ask them questions to clarify any uncertainties and communicate regularly throughout the project to ensure that the final product meets their expectations. Consider factors such as the weight it will need to support, the span of the structure, and any other special considerations.

    2.Choose the appropriate materials: The materials we use for truss will depend on a variety of factors, including the load it needs to support, the span of the structure, and clients' budget. Common materials for trusses include steel, aluminum, and wood.

    3. Select the appropriate truss configuration: There are many different types of truss configurations, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Consider which type of truss will best meet the project needs, based on factors such as the weight it needs to support, the span of the structure, and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. 

    4. Incorporate unique features: Consider adding unique features to custom truss design that will make it stand out and better meet the client's needs. For example, we could add specialized mounting points for specific equipment or design the truss in a shape that complements the venue's aesthetic. While the primary function of a truss is to support weight, it is also an important aesthetic element in many applications. Pay attention to the design and appearance of the truss to ensure that it complements the overall look and feel of the venue.

    5. Use specialized software: There are many software programs available that can help us design and analyze trusses. These programs can help you determine the appropriate size, shape, and configuration for your truss, as well as analyze its structural integrity. such as for the final works, we usually use WYSIWYG; for the loading calculation, we use ABQUAS; for common design work, we would use SOLIDWORKS; while for factory production we shall use CAD.

    6. Work with a professional engineering team: During the process of designing trusses, we shall have our professional engineering team to make preliminary study and issue draft to client so as to provide guidance and ensure that your design meets all necessary safety and structural requirements.

    Designing a custom truss can be a complex process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. It is important to take time, do much research, and work with the appropriate professionals to ensure that truss is safe, functional, and meets specific needs.
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How Do We Produce Custom Club Truss
A club truss is a structure used in the entertainment industry, typically for lighting and sound equipment. The truss is made up of aluminum or steel tubes that are connected together with spigots or bolts to form a sturdy framework that can be suspended from a ceiling or ground-supported.
Here are the general steps involved in producing a custom club truss:
  • Determine truss specifications
    determine the size, shape, and load-bearing capacity of the truss. This will depend on the intended use of the truss and the weight of the equipment that will be suspended from it.
  • Create a design
    A 3D model of the truss can be created using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This will allow you to visualize the final product and make any necessary changes before production begins.
  • Fabricate the truss
    The truss can be fabricated using a variety of methods, including welding or mechanical fastening. The tubes will need to be cut to the correct length and connected together using spigots or bolts. The truss will also need to be tested to ensure it meets the load-bearing capacity requirements.
  • Finish the truss
    The truss can be finished with a variety of coatings, including powder coating or anodizing, to protect it from corrosion and wear.
  • Install the truss
    The truss can be installed using rigging equipment and safety protocols to ensure it is securely suspended or ground-supported.
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Club Truss: The Backbone of a Memorable Nightclub Design
if a brilliant club is a shining star, then the club truss is the main frame, it decides the shape. 
Nightclubs are known for their loud and live music, neon lights, and non-stop partying atmosphere. While it might seem like all the magic happens on the dance floor, the club truss plays a crucial role in creating a memorable experience. A well-designed and well-constructed truss system provides a support structure for lighting and audiovisual equipment, adding to the club's ambiance and creating a memorable experience for club-goers.

What is Club Truss?

Club truss refers to the metal framework that provides a support structure for hanging lighting and audiovisual equipment in nightclubs. These metal frameworks can be constructed in a variety of configurations, depending on the nightclub's specific needs. Some common truss configurations include box truss, triangle truss, and ladder truss, among others. Each configuration has its unique advantages, such as box truss being ideal for hanging larger speakers and lights, while triangle truss is more suitable for smaller lights.

Why is Club Truss Important in a Nightclub?

Nightclubs are all about creating a memorable and unforgettable experience for club-goers. The club truss plays an important role in achieving this. The right truss configuration, combined with the right lighting and audiovisual equipment, can transform a dull space into a visually stunning, high-energy environment. The truss system allows the lighting and audiovisual equipment to be suspended above the dance floor, creating an immersive experience for the club-goers.

In addition to creating a visually stunning environment, the truss system also ensures the safety of club-goers. Without a truss system, the lighting and audiovisual equipment would need to be placed on the ground or on stands, which can be hazardous. By suspending the equipment from a truss system, the equipment is out of reach, reducing the risk of accidents.

Creating a Custom Club Truss

While standard truss systems are readily available in the market, creating a custom club truss system can provide several advantages. A custom truss system can be designed to fit the nightclub's specific needs, including the size and shape of the truss, the load capacity, and the location of the mounting holes.

To create a custom club truss system, the nightclub owner must first identify the specific requirements of the club. This may include the design of the club, lighting and audiovisual requirements, and the number of speakers and lights that need to be hung from the truss. Once the requirements have been identified, the material and truss configuration can be chosen.

The material chosen for the truss will depend on the specific requirements of the club. Aluminum is a popular choice as it is lightweight, strong, and easy to handle. Steel is a heavier material but is also stronger and more durable than aluminum. Once the material has been chosen, the truss system can be designed using specialized computer-aided design (CAD) software.

After the truss has been designed, the individual pieces can be cut to the correct size and assembled using truss joints. These joints are used to connect the individual truss sections together and should be secured using bolts or pins to ensure the truss is strong and stable. Finally, mounting holes and accessories, such as clamps and safety cables, can be added to the truss system.


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