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Introduction of Chenzhou Thirteen Wolf CLUB

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Introduction of Chenzhou Thirteen Wolf CLUB

The form and layout of space can be used to convey emotions and ideas. At the same time, as a geometric form, the circle has perfection and infinity, and can serve as a visual element throughout the entire dance design. The use of artistic lighting can further enhance visual experience, integrate space and dance beauty, and jointly build a unique and avant-garde music scene with artistic aesthetics. This design not only meets the aesthetic needs of the audience, but also allows them to have a deeper understanding of the meaning of music and gain a better artistic experience in this atmosphere.

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1. Utilize customized professional control consoles, CNC lifting, CNC motor self-locking, and use physical anti fall steel cable devices to ensure its safety.

2. Program and control the travel of the lifting lamp holder according to different scenarios, with multiple action modes!

3. Bring extraordinary stage effects.

4.. The lifting mechanical system uses carefully selected customized cables to hang these shaped light frames. The customized cables include four core wires and eight core wires. The four core wires meet the power and signal requirements of the light strip laser light, and the eight core wires provide signals for the LED screen.

5. Special tensile materials have been added to the customized cables to achieve safety functions against falling and stretching, increasing the safety and durability of the product.

Chenzhou Thirteen Wolf CLUB1 (1)

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