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  • Q what is the price term on dragonstage online shop

    A the price term on our online shop is EXW price.
    means includes the value of all the materials used and all other costs related to its production, minus any internal taxes, which are, or may be, repaid when the product obtained is exported.
    why so?
    because the shipping costs and taxes are changing from time to time.
  • Q Why is the price of a truss stage different when they look the same?


    There are many factors that shall affect the prices for the similar truss stage.

    1. material, maybe for buyer, you shall just think the materials are the same, but for us manufacturer, we know there are large price differences between different aluminum alloy. and different thickness is vital of material. even 0.1mm-0.5mm shall matter the price.
    2. production techniques. different production shall result in different prices. for example, full welding and half welding; straight tube welded up and punched end tube welding…. time and work in them are different.
    3. standard design and custom design. When all the truss stage is completed, audiences only see the brilliant performances, but they cannot see the details of the structural design. and most of them are covered in lights and curtains. Custom design and production usually take 2–3 times time to standard design.
  • Q What is theater classifications?

    A according to JGJ 57-2016" theater engineering design specifications", theater in China can fall into 4 classes.
    1. outsize theater: more than 1500 audience.
    2. large theater: 1201-1500 audience.
    3. medium theater: 801-1200 audience.
    4. small theater: less than 800 audience.
  • Q Can I have aluminum alloy T6082 for my lighting truss?

    A yes. we can custom produce as your need.
    while the price of T6082 truss shall be 10% higher than T6061.
  • Q What is the melting point of PE hard case?

    A our PE hard case crisp point is -40 degree; only if it reach 120 degree, it shall be soft but not deform; and the melting point is 220 degree.
  • Q what is HS CODE for our LED screen

    A Usually, we use 8528591090 for LED screen HS code.
  • Q what is HS CODE for our aluminum stage and truss

    A Nornally, we shall use 7610900000
  • Q means of payment

    A we have several kinds of payment means you can choose.
    1. TT most clients choose this one.
    2. west union
    3. alipay (we have online store on alibaba.com)
  • Q How can i get products

    if you purchased stage truss from us.
    1. you can contact any of your friends in China to collect goods from our factory or appoint an agent in China to deal with the shipping.
    2. we can find a shipping agent ( usually we have business with shipping agent before) for you, and help you get goods to your country. then you shall contact the shipping agent in your country to collect the goods and clear the duty tax etc.
  • Q U.S. custom duty in December 2021

    A the US will levy additional 25% tariff plus 5.7% normal duty for aluminum products imported from China. 
    The duty is free for the value of goods not exceeding $800. 
  • Q what is a flight case

    We know that the advent of the flight case is because its function is an indispensable part of the pursuit of perfection in air transportation. It is because of these kinds of requirements that the flight case has been released. The flight case can maintain many special tools, and many special tools can be maintained very reliably, no matter what the objects are. Whether it's medium, high-end, or whatever, this special tool is all capable.
    We must especially grasp what items are inseparable from the flight case. For example, some instrumental equipment, special tools like speakers, are inseparable from the flight case. Like many orchestras, because they need concert information, they often have to be installed on airplanes. This kind of traditional musical instrument needs the maintenance of the flight case in particular, and there should be no carelessness. It can be said that if there are special tools for the main purpose, it is better to put them in a flight case to ensure their safety. Especially in diagnosis and treatment laboratory equipment, stage lighting equipment and machinery, optical machinery and equipment, visual system software and multimedia systems, and military transportation and packaging, these are all new technology machinery and equipment and are inseparable from flight cases.
  • Q aluminum lighting truss and stage custom duty to Saudi

    A on August, 2021
    aluminum lighting truss and stage and mobile scaffolding of the custom duty rate to Saudi Arabia, with the HS CODE: 7610900000, is 12- 20%.

  • Q tips for U.S. BOND ISF

    A as factory trading company, many from U.S purchase aluminum stage, aluminum truss and lighting equipment from us.
    and some new client dose not know what is BOND ISF.
    according to the new regulation, we called it "10+2"Declaration, which is actually a common name for ISF declaration. Importer Security Filing and additional requirements for the carrier, requiring US importers (10 declarations) and shipping companies (2 declarations) must pass AMS or ABI 24 hours before the goods are shipped. The system sends the electronic declaration data to the U.S. Customs. In terms of ISF declaration operations, importers can entrust their trusted overseas agents to declare on their behalf.
    The following is an important introduction to the content of the ISF declaration, which is the "10+2 New Regulation", as follows:
    The "2" mentioned here is the declaration requirement for shipping companies.
    The next "10" is to request an additional 10 new information units 24 hours before boarding.
    1. Manufacturer name and address of the factory
    2. Seller name and address
    3. Buyer name and address Buyer name and address
    4. Ship to name and address
    5. Importer of record number
    6. Consignee number of the consignee
    7. Country of origin of the goods
    8. Customs tariff number (six digits) Harmonized Tariff Schedule No. 6 digit
    9. Container stuffing location
    10. Consolidator name and address

  • Q what are costs for importing goods

    A in order to explain the importing goods costs, here I would like to make aluminum stage truss as an example.
    it is mainly included as following:
    1. price of the goods
    2. delivery costs to port of importing goods
    3. documents and other charges to importing port
    4. shipping costs to destination port
    5. destination port charge
    6. custom duty and tax
    7. delivery costs to your door

    normally, we only take price of goods, shipping costs, custom duty as the main costs.
    if facts, the other 4 parts also take much costs even not the main costs.
  • Q how much duty should pay if import aluminum stage truss scaffolding from China to USA (on july22, 2021)

    import dutycurrency:dollars

     5.7 % COST
    【note】common duty rate

    other tariff


    30.0 % COST



    86.01 % COST


    【condition】 (TRANS.DATE >= 06/06/2017)


    0.125 % COST


    【condition】 transportation by sea




    【condition】 COST <= 800




    【condition】 COST > 800 AND COST <= 2500


    0.346 % COST




    【condition】 COST > 2500

  • Q how can I know my import duty on aluminum truss, stage and scaffolding?

    A if you are ready to import our aluminum truss, stage and scaffolding from China, and you do not know the duty costs from your goverment, you can use this website to check.
  • Q FAQ for FOB price except shipping costs

    A there are 4 key points for those client who has never imported goods such as our aluminum stage, truss and scaffolding before with FOB terms.

    1. custom duty is levied by your local goverment and it may change from time to time, only if your goods arrived at the destination port, the custom shall issue the amount;

    2. the destination port shall charge you many fees, such as DDC costs, handling fee, doc fee, trans fee, BAF, C.C.C, THC ect. please noted that these fees are changing from time to time also.

    3. in U.S the goverment shall charge you ISF, and this is changing from time to time as said above.

    these 3 parts above can not know until you collecting the goods. if you want to know the rough number, we can only give you some caculation for estimate.

    4. importing goods to U.S. as person or company shall need different imformation for shipper to verify when collecting goods at the port. a person need ID or PASSPORT NO., while a company need TAX NUMBER. and the information need to be provided before shipping.
  • Q what the production process for aluminum stage truss scaffolding

    A the production process in my company mainly includes:

    1. cutting the raw material
    2. checking 
    3. punching 
    4. drilling
    5. welding
    6. check the apparance of finishied products
    7. testing and trial erection
    8. packing

    production process(1)
  • Q can I have a copy of brochure?

    A yes, you can download here or go to "support" page to "download".truss catalog.pdf
  • Q What is the Claim Period?

    A Any discrepancy on the shipped goods should be put forward within 30 days after the arrival of the vessel carrying the goods at the port of destination and the buyer should present the survey report issued by the surveyor agreed by the seller. if the goods have been processed the buyer will loss the right to claim. the seller shall not settle the claim within the responsibility of the insurance company or ship company.


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