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Ninja Warrior Truss System Design
A Ninja Warrior truss is a specialized type of truss structure used in obstacle course events inspired by the television show "American Ninja Warrior." It is designed to provide a sturdy and versatile framework for constructing challenging and dynamic obstacle courses.
ninja warrior truss
Ninja Warrior Course
Ninja Courses serve as dedicated training arenas for obstacle racing, designed to test and enhance strength, endurance, coordination, agility, and balance. Primarily tailored for teenagers and young individuals, these courses offer an engaging platform for participants to exercise, compete, and cultivate their skills within a secure environment.
The quantity of tracks and obstacles featured on Ninja Courses varies based on the location and the specific demands of customers. These courses can be seamlessly integrated with trampolines, climbing walls, exercise equipment, and other amenities, catering to both indoor and outdoor settings.
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  • Construction
    Ninja Warrior trusses are typically made of steel or aluminum to ensure strength and durability. The truss sections consist of interconnected beams and diagonals that form a rigid framework capable of supporting various obstacles and loads.
  • Modular Design
    The trusses are designed to be modular, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. They often feature connection points that enable quick and secure attachment of different obstacle elements, such as hanging grips, swinging bars, or balance obstacles.
  • Adjustable Height and Width
    Ninja Warrior trusses can usually be adjusted in height and width to accommodate different skill levels and training requirements. This adaptability allows for the creation of obstacle courses suitable for participants of varying abilities.
  • Rigging Points
    Ninja Warrior trusses are equipped with multiple rigging points strategically placed along the structure. These attachment points allow for the secure installation of ropes, nets, climbing holds, or other elements that challenge participants to navigate through the course.
  • Stability and Safety
    Stability is a crucial consideration in Ninja Warrior truss design. The trusses often have wide bases or additional supports to ensure stability during dynamic movements and vigorous activities. Safety features like safety cables or netting may be added to minimize the risk of falls or accidents.
  • Portability
    Ninja Warrior trusses are designed to be portable, allowing for easy transportation and setup at various locations. They are often constructed with lightweight materials and may incorporate features like folding or telescoping sections for compact storage and transport.
  • Customization
    Ninja Warrior trusses offer flexibility in design and customization. Event organizers can modify and configure the truss system to create unique obstacle course layouts based on the available space and desired difficulty levels.
ninja truss system
Ninja Warrior Truss Elements
1. Modular Galvanized Pipe Frame: Ninja Courses consist of uniform-sized modules, allowing the creation of personalized barriers and training grounds of different sizes. The structure is expandable in any direction.

2. Adjustable Difficulty Levels: The entire barrier system can be customized to varying degrees of difficulty, providing flexibility for participants of different skill levels.

3. Dedicated Platform for Each Training Ground: Each training ground is equipped with a designated platform for a proper start and finish, ensuring a streamlined experience.

4. Safety Measures: A safety mat secures the additional platform between obstacles, and a safety floor, which could be a foam pad, inflatable cushion, or foam pit, is incorporated for enhanced participant safety.

5. Steel and Soft Mesh Safety Fencing: The Ninja Courses feature a combination of sturdy steel and soft mesh safety fencing to provide a secure and controlled environment.

6. Optional Timer and Results Screen: Upon request, a timer and a screen displaying participants' results can be included, adding an element of competition and motivation to the training experience.
Elements 1
Elements 2
Elements 3
Ninja Space Trail

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We have an excellent technical team, which can produce according to customers' requirements.
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Typical Ninja Truss
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