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October 12, 2023

n the realm of television productions, creating visually stunning and dynamic stages is essential. This involves the strategic use of various stage equipment to enhance the overall viewing experience. Four fundamental pieces of equipment play a pivotal role in shaping the magic behind the scenes: Li

October 09, 2023

inorder to attend Major Exhibitions for Stage Lighting and Club in South Asia in October we made this time table and list for our staffAsia's annual Conference and Trade Fair for the Brewing Community.Bringing together brewers, owners, beer distributors and industry suppliers from across Asia for th

October 06, 2023

Stage lighting fixtures are complex systems consisting of multiple components, broadly categorized into three major systems: 1. Electronic System, 2. Mechanical System, and 3. Optical System.Electronic System:The electronic system comprises components such as control circuit boards, switch power sup

October 06, 2023

In addition to lighting fixtures, there are several peripheral devices crucial to the functioning and control of lighting systems. Here are some commonly used lighting peripheral equipment:Control Consoles:Control consoles are computerized or manual devices used for editing, recording, and controlli

October 06, 2023

Entertainment bars utilize a variety of lighting fixtures to create vibrant atmospheres and enhance the overall experience for patrons. Here are some commonly used types of lighting fixtures in entertainment bars:Beam Lights:Beam lights focus the light source to emit concentrated beams, creating a s

October 06, 2023

Conference halls require specific types of lighting fixtures to ensure appropriate illumination and create a suitable ambiance. Here are two commonly used types of lighting fixtures in conference halls:Recessed Flat Panel Lights:Recessed flat panel lights are essential for providing even illuminatio

October 05, 2023

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on DMX and DMX programming, tailored for beginners. In this tutorial, we will unravel the complexities of DMX, exploring the fundamental concepts and techniques necessary to master this essential aspect of stage lighting.Understanding DMX SetupDMX, short for Digital

October 05, 2023

Mastering LED Video Walls: A Comprehensive GuideIn the world of stage lighting, the evolution of technology has opened doors to creativity previously unimaginable. LED video walls, with their vibrant displays and versatile designs, have become a cornerstone of modern stage productions. In this artic

October 11, 2023

Spotlight - A spotlight used on stage refers to the use of a flat convex condenser in front of the lamp. This type of lamp can adjust the size of the light spot, resulting in a more concentrated beam of light, while the diffused light next to it is relatively small, with a power of 0.5W to 5KW. The


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