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  • Q why the stage deck is 4x8ft (1.22*2.44m)

    A the main reason is the raw material plywood sheet is 4x8ft (1.22*2.44m).
    this result from traditional plywood production machine and technology.
  • Q what are costs for importing goods

    A in order to explain the importing goods costs, here I would like to make aluminum stage truss as an example.
    it is mainly included as following:
    1. price of the goods
    2. delivery costs to port of importing goods
    3. documents and other charges to importing port
    4. shipping costs to destination port
    5. destination port charge
    6. custom duty and tax
    7. delivery costs to your door

    normally, we only take price of goods, shipping costs, custom duty as the main costs.
    if facts, the other 4 parts also take much costs even not the main costs.
  • Q what are working height, working platform height and scaffolding height meaning

    A working height means when workers on the scaffolding, the area of the height they can reach. 

    working platform height means the top scaffolding height.

    scaffolding height means the full height of the scaffolding.

    normally, the relationship between them shown as below:

    working height = working platform height + 2m 
    scaffolding height= working platform height + 1m safeguard
    scaffolding height= scaffolding frame height + safeguard height + casters height
  • Q how much duty should pay if import aluminum stage truss scaffolding from China to USA (on july22, 2021)

    import dutycurrency:dollars

     5.7 % COST
    【note】common duty rate

    other tariff


    30.0 % COST



    86.01 % COST


    【condition】 (TRANS.DATE >= 06/06/2017)


    0.125 % COST


    【condition】 transportation by sea




    【condition】 COST <= 800




    【condition】 COST > 800 AND COST <= 2500


    0.346 % COST




    【condition】 COST > 2500

  • Q how can I know my import duty on aluminum truss, stage and scaffolding?

    A if you are ready to import our aluminum truss, stage and scaffolding from China, and you do not know the duty costs from your goverment, you can use this website to check.
  • Q FAQ for FOB price except shipping costs

    A there are 4 key points for those client who has never imported goods such as our aluminum stage, truss and scaffolding before with FOB terms.

    1. custom duty is levied by your local goverment and it may change from time to time, only if your goods arrived at the destination port, the custom shall issue the amount;

    2. the destination port shall charge you many fees, such as DDC costs, handling fee, doc fee, trans fee, BAF, C.C.C, THC ect. please noted that these fees are changing from time to time also.

    3. in U.S the goverment shall charge you ISF, and this is changing from time to time as said above.

    these 3 parts above can not know until you collecting the goods. if you want to know the rough number, we can only give you some caculation for estimate.

    4. importing goods to U.S. as person or company shall need different imformation for shipper to verify when collecting goods at the port. a person need ID or PASSPORT NO., while a company need TAX NUMBER. and the information need to be provided before shipping.
  • Q what sizes of single scaffolding

    A the single scaffolding has limited width of 0.75m.
    the length of scaffolding set have 2m, 2.5m and 3m.
    the height of scaffolding is custom to clients' need.

  • Q what the procedures of setting stage indoors

    1. Measure the length and width of the ground and frame the stage area.
    2. The conventional stage board is 1.22*1.22. According to the length and width, select the number of stage boards for construction.
    3. After the stage is selected, consider whether a truss and stage are needed according to the lights on the spot and Background frame
    4. If it needs to purchase a stage lighting truss, you need to consider the height of the indoor floor, and then determine the height of the truss.
    5. The material stage can be steel stage and aluminum alloy stage, and the light truss can choose 300*300 aluminum alloy truss.
    6. The quantity of accessories and collocation, such as the truss base, etc. please contact us.
  • Q what are the features of aluminum scaffolding

    1. Aluminum scaffolding conforms to European standard HD1004
    2. It is convenient to carry tools and carry materials up and down,especially the inclined ladder frame, which greatly increases the working space and reduces the construction time
    3. Easy to disassemble and assemble,and it is light and durable
    4. In addition to single-set construction, it can be combined into various styles, suitable for different venues, such as escalators, stairs, construction sites, etc.
    5. Various design components to meet different application needs
    6. Platform can be placed at different heights O Guardrails and skirting boards ensure safety.
  • Q what the production process for aluminum stage truss scaffolding

    A the production process in my company mainly includes:

    1. cutting the raw material
    2. checking 
    3. punching 
    4. drilling
    5. welding
    6. check the apparance of finishied products
    7. testing and trial erection
    8. packing

    production process(1)
  • Q what is the folding truss CS104

    A folding truss CS104(1)
    secrtion : square 1040*590mm
    inclined tube: 50x2mm
    main tube: 50*4mm
    length: 1/2/2.5/3/4m
    brace: 50*3mm
    material : aluminum 6082-T6
  • Q what are standard length of aluminum lighting truss

    A the standard length of aluminum lighting truss are 1mter, 2 meter and 3 meter.
    custom length are welcome.

  • Q what is quick truss

    A quick truss feature solid conical connectors and tapered pins for an etremely fast, simple and secure assembly of structures.
    the quick truss system offers great weight loading capabilities despite its small size and light physical weight.
    it is ideal for retail, tradeshow and decorative applications.
    connection is fast and simple, using a conical connector system with pins and R-clips.
    quick truss is available in custom lengths and junctions , and can be curved.
  • Q what is book corner for the truss system

    A  book corner are the ideal and feature component to use for variable angular adjustment between 0 degree to 180 degree. the book corners are designed to use either femal receivers or half connectors bolted through the rigid aluminum hinge frames.
  • Q what is truss cubes or corners

    A multi-cubes are an extremely versatile alternative solution to standard welded junctions. the compact cube can easily be configured  from a simple 2-way junction up to a complex 6 way by adding female receivers in the appropriate face.
  • Q what is the features of aluminum stage

    A easy to set up and disassemble, lightweighted, portable and modular design.
  • Q what is the loading capacity of aluminum stage

    A our aluminum stage loading capacity is 750kg per square meters.
  • Q what color can I have for the stage

    A the stage deck can be various color, because we can provide deck carpet to adhesive on the top.
    most client choose black (the plywood topping is black) or red.
    if you need a special color, please contact us before placing order.
  • Q what basic items for backdrop (pipe and drape)



    1.Telescoping Uprights – fixed or adjustable vertical poles

    2.Crossbar/Horizontal – fixed or extensible horizontal bars
    3.Base – foundation of upright poles; its weight depends on style of drape 

    4.Drape – fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes

  • Q what is pipe and drape for wedding


    Pipe and Drape is used to divide, hide, and/or decorate a space temporarily.
    When people talk about Pipe and Drape for wedding decoration, Pipe refer to aluminum or steel poles fixed or adjustable telescoping vertical upright, which are usually supported by a weighted steel base,as well as poles adjustable telescopic or fixed horizontal, these two kind of poles provide a drape support frame;
    and Drape refer to
     removable curtain panels, which are hang between upright poles and on the horizontal pipes.



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