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  • Q U.S. custom duty in December 2021

    A the US will levy additional 25% tariff plus 5.7% normal duty for aluminum products imported from China. 
    The duty is free for the value of goods not exceeding $800. 
  • Q what is truss pillar

    A the truss pillar is a structural part of truss system. usually, it acts a supporting element to beam and roof frame. it need to bear nealy all weight of the whole structure. sometimes. people call it truss column.
    while, in morden times, the truss pillar acts a support for lighting or sound machines or other kinds of stage machines.
    for example, totem truss is decoration and supporting structure to hold lighting higher.
    PA truss tower is a complicate pillar item to hang speakers.
    even the LED truss, it usually has truss pillar to backing LED screen up.
  • Q what is a flight case

    We know that the advent of the flight case is because its function is an indispensable part of the pursuit of perfection in air transportation. It is because of these kinds of requirements that the flight case has been released. The flight case can maintain many special tools, and many special tools can be maintained very reliably, no matter what the objects are. Whether it's medium, high-end, or whatever, this special tool is all capable.
    We must especially grasp what items are inseparable from the flight case. For example, some instrumental equipment, special tools like speakers, are inseparable from the flight case. Like many orchestras, because they need concert information, they often have to be installed on airplanes. This kind of traditional musical instrument needs the maintenance of the flight case in particular, and there should be no carelessness. It can be said that if there are special tools for the main purpose, it is better to put them in a flight case to ensure their safety. Especially in diagnosis and treatment laboratory equipment, stage lighting equipment and machinery, optical machinery and equipment, visual system software and multimedia systems, and military transportation and packaging, these are all new technology machinery and equipment and are inseparable from flight cases.
  • Q why led par light can not substitute conventional front light

    A LED par light is a cold light source, which is mainly used to change the color and play the effect of rendering the stage.
    It uses multiple LED lamp beads as the light source, so the power is lower than that of the surface light.
    The power of the conventional 54 LED par light is 162W, and multiple LED lamp beads can change different colors.
    Although the LED par light can be set to white to illuminate the stage, it is not recommended to replace the traditional surface light with the LED par light due to its cold light source and dazzling light.
    In addition, during photography and shooting, if the LED par light is used to illuminate the white light, it will cause the color distortion of the face of the person, and the imaging effect in the later stage is not ideal. Therefore, the LED par light is recommended to be used only for washing light.
  • Q Usage of COB light source

    A COB integrated light sources are widely used in LED bulbs, LED lamp cups, LED spotlights, LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, LED bean gall lamps, and are currently one of the mainstream trends in LED lighting sources. LED lamps are light-emitting diodes, which use solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and have good color rendering and response speed.
    1. Energy saving is the most prominent feature of LED lamps. In terms of energy consumption, the energy consumption of LED lamps is one-tenth of that of incandescent lamps and one-fourth of that of energy-saving lamps. This is one of the biggest features of LED lights. People nowadays advocate energy saving and environmental protection. It is precisely because of this feature of energy saving that the application range of LED lights is very wide, making LED lights very popular.
    2. It can work in high-speed switching mode. We usually walk on the road, and we will find that every LED screen or picture is unpredictable. This shows that LED lights can be switched on and off at high speed. However, for the incandescent lamps we usually use, it cannot achieve such a working state. In normal life, if the switch is switched too many times, it will directly cause the filament of the incandescent lamp to break. This is also an important reason for the popularity of LED lights.
    3. Environmental protection The LED lamp does not contain any heavy metal materials such as mercury, but the incandescent lamp contains it, which reflects the environmental protection characteristics of the LED lamp. Nowadays, people attach great importance to environmental protection, so more people are willing to choose environmentally friendly LED lights.
  • Q What is the difference between cob light source and led

    A 1. The LED chips used are different.
    LED integrated light sources generally use large-size and high-power LED chips of more than 1 watt, and the chip size is generally more than 30MIL.
    The COB light source is mainly low-power LED chips less than 1 watt, and a very small amount of COB light sources will also use high-power LED chips above 1 watt.
    2. Different brackets used.
    LED integrated light sources use only 10W, 100W, 500W and other square brackets.
    The material is mainly copper, and the brackets are equipped with 2 side legs.
    The brackets used by COB light sources come in many sizes.
    There are dozens of brackets with different sizes such as square, rectangular, oval, etc. The material is mainly aluminum, and there are also copper and ceramic brackets. Without side feet.
    3. Different application fields of the light source.
    The main purpose of the integrated LED light source is to make LED floodlights, LED street lights and other outdoor lamps, and its single maximum wattage can reach 500W.
    The COB light source is mainly used in LED downlights, track lights, ceiling lights and other indoor lamps, and its single maximum wattage does not exceed 50W.
  • Q what is LED light source

    A The LED light source is the light source with the light emitting diode (LED) as the luminous body. The light-emitting diode was invented in the 1960s, and in the following decades, its basic use was as an indicator light for electronic equipment such as radio cassette recorders.   
    This kind of bulb has the characteristics of high efficiency and long life. It can be used continuously for 100,000 hours, which is 100 times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs. Scientists predict that in the next 5 years, this kind of bulb is likely to become the mainstream product of next-generation lighting.
  • Q what are differences between laser light and par light

    A Laser lights are used to create patterns or strong beams to create dazzling on-site effects.
    Par light is very versatile, can be used for lighting, used for front light or front side light, can also be programmed as a lflashing ight to play rhythm, and then change the color to render the scene (the old par lights need to add colored paper, new LED PAR lights Comes with three primary colors, the colors are very rich)
  • Q what is layer truss

    A The Layer Truss is named after the invention of the German LAYHER company. Under normal circumstances, the Layer Truss can be used to build large stage lighting and sound backgrounds, and can also build bridges, large buildings, etc. Therefore, it is generally welded in the middle of a tube (upright column) with a disc. 
  • Q what are differences between led par light and ordinary par light

    A The difference of light source, LED par light source is LED lamp beads, PAR light source is traditional bulb, such as 500W, 1000W.
  • Q what is LED par light

    A PAR lamp, the full name is "Parabolic Aluminum Reflector", which refers to encapsulating the light source in the reflector.
    LED par light refers to a par light whose light source is LED. It's just one of them.

  • Q what is lighting truss

    A lighting truss is the key part of the stage truss system. lighting truss plays a vital role of the stage effects.
    lihgting truss has a very professional name in the whole stage structure.
    we call it aluminum Truss Frame. lighting truss is only a nick name for short.
  • Q how do you rig truss

    A there are many ways to rig truss, here we woule like to tell how do you rig truss in a basic way.

    1. attching 2 hoists on the a higher place
    2. give power to the hoists and lowing down the chain
    3. hook the truss at two ends of the truss
    4. hoisting the truss up to the right place
    5. fixed the truss in heights with clamps or other fixture.
  • Q aluminum lighting truss and stage custom duty to Saudi

    A on August, 2021
    aluminum lighting truss and stage and mobile scaffolding of the custom duty rate to Saudi Arabia, with the HS CODE: 7610900000, is 12- 20%.

  • Q tips for U.S. BOND ISF

    A as factory trading company, many from U.S purchase aluminum stage, aluminum truss and lighting equipment from us.
    and some new client dose not know what is BOND ISF.
    according to the new regulation, we called it "10+2"Declaration, which is actually a common name for ISF declaration. Importer Security Filing and additional requirements for the carrier, requiring US importers (10 declarations) and shipping companies (2 declarations) must pass AMS or ABI 24 hours before the goods are shipped. The system sends the electronic declaration data to the U.S. Customs. In terms of ISF declaration operations, importers can entrust their trusted overseas agents to declare on their behalf.
    The following is an important introduction to the content of the ISF declaration, which is the "10+2 New Regulation", as follows:
    The "2" mentioned here is the declaration requirement for shipping companies.
    The next "10" is to request an additional 10 new information units 24 hours before boarding.
    1. Manufacturer name and address of the factory
    2. Seller name and address
    3. Buyer name and address Buyer name and address
    4. Ship to name and address
    5. Importer of record number
    6. Consignee number of the consignee
    7. Country of origin of the goods
    8. Customs tariff number (six digits) Harmonized Tariff Schedule No. 6 digit
    9. Container stuffing location
    10. Consolidator name and address

  • Q what are differences between line array speaker and ordinary speakers

    1 From the category point of view, line array speakers are long-range speakers, while ordinary speakers are short-range speakers
    2 From the power point of view, the power of line array speakers is large, mostly divided by 3, while the power of ordinary speakers is mostly divided by 2.
    3 From the point of view of the applicable occasions, the line array speaker has a linear sound, which is suitable for outdoor large-scale party sound reinforcement, while ordinary speakers are suitable for indoor celebrations or homes.
    4. From the perspective of sound coverage, the sound coverage of line array speakers is wider, and multiple speakers can be combined into a speaker group with the same amplitude and phase.
  • Q stage truss systems for sale price

    A Dragon stage company is a professional stage truss systems manufacturer for nealy 15 years.
    we have some standard stage truss systems parts and component in stock for sale.
    if you want to see the prices, you can visit the page check "recommended products"
  • Q why the stage deck is 4x8ft (1.22*2.44m)

    A the main reason is the raw material plywood sheet is 4x8ft (1.22*2.44m).
    this result from traditional plywood production machine and technology.
  • Q what are costs for importing goods

    A in order to explain the importing goods costs, here I would like to make aluminum stage truss as an example.
    it is mainly included as following:
    1. price of the goods
    2. delivery costs to port of importing goods
    3. documents and other charges to importing port
    4. shipping costs to destination port
    5. destination port charge
    6. custom duty and tax
    7. delivery costs to your door

    normally, we only take price of goods, shipping costs, custom duty as the main costs.
    if facts, the other 4 parts also take much costs even not the main costs.
  • Q what are working height, working platform height and scaffolding height meaning

    A working height means when workers on the scaffolding, the area of the height they can reach. 

    working platform height means the top scaffolding height.

    scaffolding height means the full height of the scaffolding.

    normally, the relationship between them shown as below:

    working height = working platform height + 2m 
    scaffolding height= working platform height + 1m safeguard
    scaffolding height= scaffolding frame height + safeguard height + casters height


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