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  • Q What are lighting truss applications?

    Lighting truss is very common and popular in stage building. it can be found in concerts, exhibits, stadiums, theatiers, arenas, touring productions, worshiphouse, theme parks, DJ bootjs, department stores, race finish lines, bars, tradeshows, towers, restuarants, TV studios, movie sets and so on.
  • Q What are truss accessories?

    A Toppers, couplers( connectors), pins, block adaptors, outriggers( supports), wedges, corner blocks
  • Q What are components of lighting truss?

    A Base plates, truss body, sleeve block, top section, corner blocks, accessories and rigging
  • Q What is lighting truss made of?

    A Most of lighting truss are made of aluminum and steel
  • Q What types of lighting truss?

    According to the shape of truss, it can be divided into: ladder truss, triangle truss, box/square truss, xlite truss, diamond truss, circle truss, custom truss
    According to the connecting ways, it can be divided into: spigot truss, screw truss and fixed truss
  • Q What is lighting truss?

    Lighting truss is also can be called stage truss. it allows lighting engineers have freedom to create artful lighting show to hold lightings, LED and other stage equipments.
    Lighting truss have several different lengths in common such as 1m, 2m, 3m and when connected together, it can create longer spans or different shapes.
  • Q What is the Claim Period?

    A Any discrepancy on the shipped goods should be put forward within 30 days after the arrival of the vessel carrying the goods at the port of destination and the buyer should present the survey report issued by the surveyor agreed by the seller. if the goods have been processed the buyer will loss the right to claim. the seller shall not settle the claim within the responsibility of the insurance company or ship company.
  • Q What is the storage terms?

    A If the cargo can not been collected on time as the PI and goods has to be keeped in factory, we shall charge storage fees, when the storage time is more than 30 days counting from the agreed delivery date, the storage fee is 0.5% of the total Goods Value Per day.
  • Q Can you provide the CAD drawings?

    A Yes, we can provide the plan for the customer according to their dimension and requirements.
    If you have draft or idea for your product we can provide custom services and develop the drawing.
  • Q What's the delivery time?

    A It's about 10-15 working days,whie mostly depends on orders quantity and shipping schedule. if you need specific time, please contact us.
  • Q What's the warranty of your products?

    A In the case of proper use of the product, the warranty is one year from the date of shipment. During this period, if any damage caused by non-artificial fault, we will provide the replacement spare parts, otherwise there will be a charge for those spare parts.
  • Q What is your payment terms?

    100% deposit before production( total amount belowed 5000USD)
    30% deposit before production by T/T, 70% balance after inspection before delivery by T/T.
  • Q What is your shipping and payment terms?

    A Shipping is from Huangpu Port(guangzhou) or Yantian Port (shenzhen), other ports in China are also acceptable. 
    if you need specific shipping time, please contact us.
    we shall contact you and give feedback ASAP.
  • Q What is your prices terms?

    A Our price is EXW price. (Ex works (EXW) is an international trade term that describes when a seller makes a product available at a designated location, and the buyer of the product must cover the transport costs). 
  • Q What's your MOQ

    A truss:1 m, stage:1.5 m2, scaffolding: 1 set
    for other product please contact us, we would like to give you bset service as we can.
  • Q Do you have any certificate?

    A We have CE, ISO,SGS and TUV certificate.
  • Q Can you provide OEM service?

    A Yes, we can.
    please tell us your specific requirements.
    if you need this service, please contact us for details.
  • Q Are you a trading company or the professional manufacturer?

    A We are the professional manufacturer.


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