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Aluminum Scaffolding

  • Q what are working height, working platform height and scaffolding height meaning

    A working height means when workers on the scaffolding, the area of the height they can reach. 

    working platform height means the top scaffolding height.

    scaffolding height means the full height of the scaffolding.

    normally, the relationship between them shown as below:

    working height = working platform height + 2m 
    scaffolding height= working platform height + 1m safeguard
    scaffolding height= scaffolding frame height + safeguard height + casters height
  • Q what sizes of single scaffolding

    A the single scaffolding has limited width of 0.75m.
    the length of scaffolding set have 2m, 2.5m and 3m.
    the height of scaffolding is custom to clients' need.

  • Q what are the features of aluminum scaffolding

    1. Aluminum scaffolding conforms to European standard HD1004
    2. It is convenient to carry tools and carry materials up and down,especially the inclined ladder frame, which greatly increases the working space and reduces the construction time
    3. Easy to disassemble and assemble,and it is light and durable
    4. In addition to single-set construction, it can be combined into various styles, suitable for different venues, such as escalators, stairs, construction sites, etc.
    5. Various design components to meet different application needs
    6. Platform can be placed at different heights O Guardrails and skirting boards ensure safety.


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