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Quick Stage
Quick Stage
  • Specifications

    the quick stage in the market mainly is 1x2m ( 3.3x6.6ft )

    1x1m ( 3.3x3.3ft ) also is welcome by some client

  • Height
    there are various heights are available to the quick stage 
    a. 0.2-0.3m; b. 0.4-0.6 m ; c. 0.6-1m; d. 1-1.5m
  • Load Capacity
  • Material

    aluminum alloy

  • Charactoristics

    simplicity design,Easy and quick to install and dismounting, durable and high loading capacity.
    Adjustable height and use with hand railing, stage stair

  • features of aluminum quick stage
    more about our stage
    the quick stage is made of aluminum alloy, it has simple design for its whole structure, thus it is easy to learn how to piece the stage up, as soon as its appearance.
    the stage mainly includes stage topping ( stage deck/ stage platform), stage leg two parts, its relevant parts include stage rails, stage stair, and stage skirting as same as the modular stage.
    the quick stage is named as its fast installation feature. its erection way is simple as its design and stable as the modular stage. it suitably used for Events, parties, concerts, exhibitions, catwalk fashion show, weddings, etc.
  • stage structure
    stage topping, stage leg, stage levelling feet, leg clamp
    MS01 Simple quick Assembly stage
  • relevant stage components
    stage rails, stage stair, stage skirting

    quick stage skirting railsquick stage stairs

  • stage topping material selection
    there are various topping materials to choose

    1:plywood topping :red,black,brown colour 
    2:Fibre glass topping: all kinds of color
    3:Tempered glass topping 
    4:Baboo plywood topping 

    board material

  • stage topping shape selection
    Trapezoid,Ellipse,Circle,Square,T-shape,Irregular shapes and custom shape

    church stage and chorus risers (1)

  • stage stair selection
    there are 2 kinds of stage to choose

    a. Fixed stair: 2 Floors; 3 Floors; 4 Floors; 5 Floors; Customized

    b. Foldable stair: 2 Floors; 3 Floors; 4 Floors; 5 Floors; Customized

    stage stair selection

  • how to assemble modular stage
    assembly steps
    install quick stage
  • stage deck structure selection
    simple deck and strong deck
    strong deck quick stagealuminum portable Square Stage
  • feature design
    stage leg clamp and locking device

    quick stage locking device

    quick stage leg clamp
  • stage feet disc selection
    plastic feet disc, iron feet disc, caster feet
    plastic feet(1)iron feet(1)caster leg
  • stage leg locking design
    how quick stage leg locked
    locking deviceleg locking design
how to get a custom quick stage


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