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May 03, 2023

Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show short for GET SHOW, it shall be held on May 8-11, 2023 Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou, China.this is our exhibition design below, collabrate with CYSL lighting companyour booth No. 5A-03BWelcome to visit us!the layout of 5th floor

July 23, 2022

This article aims to briefly analyze the factors that affect the price of aluminum alloy stage trusses.Aluminum alloy stage trusses are industrial metal products. The most obvious impact is aluminum and labor costs.The aluminum materials used in the aluminum alloy stage trusses produced by dragonsta

April 12, 2022

event earrings and face shape1. Square face is suitable for wearing round or curly line drop earrings, which can soften the edges and corners of the face.2. Wearing zigzag and leaf-shaped dangling earrings on a round face can create a sense of slenderness and delicacy visually.3. For heart-shaped fa

April 12, 2022

Event Necklace and face matching1. Women with thin faces and slender necks, wearing a single string of short necklaces, will not look too thin on the face, nor will the neck look too long.2. Women with a round face and a stubby neck should wear a slender necklace. It will be better if there is a lar

April 12, 2022

How to choose a event ring according to finger shapeAlthough the ring is small, it is very particular about how to wear it. When wearing a ring, you should consider its matching with the shape of your finger:① With slender fingers, it is advisable to use a wide ring, such as a rectangular single gem

April 12, 2022

Jewelry and Skin Tone What kind of jewelry a woman chooses to wear to attend an event is a very important thing, and you should fully consider your skin color.1. Women with yellow skin are suitable for wearing warm-toned jewelry. You can choose red and orange gemstones (such as ruby, garnet, citrine,

April 11, 2022

how to sell and promote gift box online?Sell and Promote Gift Box Onlinedue to the epidemic and technology, more and more people are used to get their goods from online shop. as soon as you have your online store is open with gift boxes catergoried or priced. then it’s time to start to sell and prom

April 11, 2022

how to choose a reliable gift box supplier for online businesswhen you have made minds to start a gift box online business for some specific clients. the next thing is to find a supplier to provide boxes. how to choose and select and where to find them?There are some methods we usually take ways to

April 11, 2022

Starting a gift box business online only need 3 key parts to be completed. it includes: finding a gift box niche / finding a reliable supplier / selling and promoting your gift box online Here I would like to give some advices on upon 3 parts from a event service supplier.1. Finding a Gift Box Niche choosing


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