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we are dragon stage company, we are a factory enterprise, our company was set up in the year of 2008. our major products including: aluminum stage, truss, flight case and relevant event stage products. 

we can provide custom design and production services. no matter you want a large event stage outdoor or family indoor party stage, no matter you want a flat roof stage or curved roof stage, or a mini stage for DJ performances, we can supply a portable lightweight durable high-quality stage for your business. 

we believe that our stage equipment shall make your stage display in the best status, and the acting shall impress all audiences.

if you do not have an idea to make your truss stage unique, we can give you many suggestions. Because we have many experiences in producing modular stage, quick stage, pipe stage, iron stage, riser stage,church stage, foldingstage, foldable stage, arena stage and seating system, not to mention the traditional square stage.

for the stage deck, we have several choices for you. plywood stage deck, acrylic glass stage deck ( fiberglass stage deck ), tempered glass stage deck and aluminium profile deck, high-quality plexiglass stage deck.

in these years, we found that household small concert event stage is getting popular, many users want to have swimming pool transparent stage in their house, and they also want mini T stage in their garden. even they found a fountain stage is a good idea. 

people love beautiful things, they want to have their wedding stage can be set in a park or backyard, or their want to give a private show on their T stage, even event music show on their home concert stage.the event planners are getting more and more flexible to give their clients supply to meet their stage performance needs. 

the stage type and stage shape are changing day by day, the stage sets are getting more and more fashion. and as soon as LED displays are entering the event show, nealy every stage show shall include it, therefore, we also have a led stack truss for stage setup.

 You can be relaxed that our stage is easy to install and dismantle. They are portable stage and handy to set up. Some of them are mobile stage with wheels, and they can be folded up only by one person without any professional skills. They are really DIY stage. if you want to know more about our stage decoration advice, please contact me, I will show you with our colorful stage curtain, stage skirts and stage lights as well as stage trusses.

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modular stage
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We have an excellent technical team to produce staging regarding customers' idea.
what are the main design of led screen on the stage

generally in the party stage, the design of the big screen basically divided into three kinds: According to the frame of the stage with LED screen as the main is quite common to set up a stage with light position around each unit screen. The stage frame with overall depth of the stage is se

Standing term for stage lighting lights

Author: TiC Tiger Stage Lighting Vision Vision Vision: Source: Knowing copyright belongs to the author. Business reprint, please contact the author to obtain authorization, non-commercial reprint, please indicate the source. Common lighting terms are one of electromagnetic waves, and is the composition of radiation energy emitted by the light source. The light includes consisting of visible light, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays. The wavelength of light is generally between 380 nm - 780 nm. The naked eye can be used, we call it \"visible light \". The light-visible light has an ultraviolet and infrared lines. The wavelength of ultraviolet rays is generally between 100 nm - 380 nm, and the naked eye is unrecognized. The wavelength of the infrared rays is 780 nm - 1 mm, the naked eye is also unrecognizable. The unit of color temperature absolute temperature is K. It refers to the use of a standard black body, heating

key points for stage setting

Stage has been used in all kinds of activities, and building a good stage represents the activity has been half the success. So how do you stage an event? What problems should we pay attention to in stage design? Shenzhen ten thousand tide media can help you answer:1. Be realisticWhat the designer o

FAQ for stage installation

With the increasing number of various types of activities, the demand for stage building services is also increasing. Stage installations mainly involves the following frequent ask questions:(1) Stage size; (2) Stage aesthetics; (3) Stage safety; (4) Stage height.

What is aluminum stage?

what is aluminum stage With the improvement of people's standard of living, an increasing number of ways to spend leisure time are emerging. Examples include going to concerts, enjoying art performances, attending large scale events and so on. Different forms of art have their own unique charms, but

what is the function of stage design

Paintings and statues are judged by eye. If they are beautiful,most people will dmire them.This is not true of design for a stage. In many cases, a picture of shadow box might make a pleasant wall decoration if it were attractively painted. However, it would be a very limited set for a play.There ar



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