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We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers' requirements. 
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  • we are dragonstage company, we are a factory enterprise, our company was set up in the year 2008. our major products including: aluminum stage, truss, flight case and relevant event stage products. 

    We can provide custom design and production services. no matter if you want a large event stage outdoor or family indoor party stage, no matter you want a flat roof stage or curved roof stage, or a mini stage for DJ performances, we can supply a portable lightweight durable high-quality stage for your business. 

    We believe that our stage equipment shall make your stage display in the best status, and the acting shall impress all audiences.

    If you do not have an idea to make your truss stage unique, we can give you many suggestions. Because we have many experiences in producing modular stage, quick stage, pipe stage, iron stage, riser stage, church stage, folding stage, foldable stage, arena stage and seating system, not to mention the traditional square stage.

    for the stage deck, we have several choices for you. plywood stage deck, acrylic glass stage deck (fiberglass stage deck), tempered glass stage deck and aluminum profile deck, high-quality plexiglass stage deck.

    in these years, we found that household small concert event stage is getting popular, many users want to have swimming pool transparent stage in their house, and they also want mini-T stage in their garden. They even found a fountain stage is a good idea. 

    People love beautiful things, they want to have their wedding stage set in a park or backyard, or they want to give a private show on their T stage, even an event music show on their home concert stage. The event planners are getting more and more flexible to give their clients supplies to meet their stage performance needs. 

    The stage type and stage shape are changing day by day, the stage sets are getting more and more fashionable. and as soon as LED displays are entering the event show, nealy every stage show shall include it, therefore, we also have a led stack truss for stage setup.

     You can relax so that our stage is easy to install and dismantle. They are portable stages and handy to set up. Some of them are mobile stages with wheels, and they can be folded up only by one person without any professional skills. They are really DIY stage. if you want to know more about our stage decoration advice, please contact me, I will show you with our colorful stage curtain, stage skirts and stage lights as well as stage trusses.​​​​​​​
Portable Aluminum Acrylic Wedding Platform 2.44x6.1m Height 0.3-0.5m
Portable Aluminum Acrylic Wedding Platform 2.44x1.22m Height 0.3-0.5m
Event Layher Scaffolding Stage 12x12m with 2 Stairs 2m High
2x1m Portable Aluminum Outdoor Quick Lock Stage 20 Pieces with 2 Stairs
Outdoor Steel Layher Platform Stage System For Event Use 18.3x12.2m
1. Dragonstage is a professional aluminum stage truss manufacturer and since 2008 we have been able to design and re-design the aluminum staging you wanted.
2. Dragonstage is close to Huangpu or Shenzhen Yantian Port, so the shipping costs are cheap, and delivery is quick on time.
3. Dragonstage have strict and perfect raw material screening standards and quality inspection methods with test reports on aluminum stage production.
4. Dragonstage is a factory; we can meet your customization needs on kinds of event stages.
5. we are a trustworthy manufacturer, which can give you more service rather than popular products, we also provide customization and free design on your products.
6. Our factory has CE certification and TUV certification etc.
7. Our clients are in over 20 countries and have had a business relationship for more than 10 years.
FAQ on Dragonstage 
1. Q: Is dragonstage a factory or trading company?
A: We are a factory with more than 10 years' experience and we have a small sales team. we expect more people to join us to market our good quality aluminum stages and trusses as well as other aluminum alloy products.
2. Q:Do you provide samples.?
A:Yes, we can provide you with samples of different stages, such as modular stage, pipe stage, quick stage, rion stage (layer stage), foldable stage, riser stage ( stage podium) and seating system. even if you have idea to have a custom product sample.
3. Q:How to know your quality guarantee?
A:Visiting Our dragonstage factory is the best way to know us and the Third Inspection can prove our products' quality.
4. Q: What's your advantage?
A: Dragonstage specialize in the production of aluminum truss stage and other aluminum products, we constantly improve our welding and modeling production technology.
5. Q: What service do you offer?
A: Customized service for each customer, please feel free to contact us!
1. Beautiful outline, environmental protection, energy saving.
2. Carefully design, easy to install and disassemble because it is assembled with a fixing pattern.
3. Good loading capacity, Convenient transportation and save time, Smooth running.
4. The height of legs can be adjustable, it is movable stage.
5. The color of the floor and stage size can be customed according to customer's requirement.
6. The plywood is non-slip protection, waterproof.

Place of Origin
Guangzhou, Guangdong China
Material of Stage
Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6
Material of Stage Platform
Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6(frame)+Waterproof Non-slip Plywood, Tempered Glass, Acrylic Glass Board
Thickness of Platform
Standard Size of Stage
1000*1000m, 1220*1220m, 1220*2400m (Or as your requirement)
Stage adjustable leg Height Range
0.4m-0.6m,0.6-1.0m,0.8-1.2m,1.0-1.5m (Or as your requirement)
Black, Grey, Red etc.
Max Loading
Air Bubble Film
Event, Performance, Party, Show, Concert, Exhibitions ect.
Information About Aluminum Staging
We have an excellent technical team to produce staging regarding customers' idea.
what are the main design of led screen on the stage

generally in the party stage, the design of the big screen basically divided into three kinds: According to the frame of the stage with LED screen as the main body.it is quite common to set up a stage with light position around each unit screen. The stage frame with overall depth of the stage is se

Standing term for stage lighting lights

Author: TiC Tiger Stage Lighting Vision Vision Vision: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/200821276 Source: Knowing copyright belongs to the author. Business reprint, please contact the author to obtain authorization, non-commercial reprint, please indicate the source. Common lighting terms are one of electromagnetic waves, and is the composition of radiation energy emitted by the light source. The light includes consisting of visible light, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays. The wavelength of light is generally between 380 nm - 780 nm. The naked eye can be used, we call it \"visible light \". The light-visible light has an ultraviolet and infrared lines. The wavelength of ultraviolet rays is generally between 100 nm - 380 nm, and the naked eye is unrecognized. The wavelength of the infrared rays is 780 nm - 1 mm, the naked eye is also unrecognizable. The unit of color temperature absolute temperature is K. It refers to the use of a standard black body, heating

What is aluminum stage?

what is aluminum stage With the improvement of people's standard of living, an increasing number of ways to spend leisure time are emerging. Examples include going to concerts, enjoying art performances, attending large scale events and so on. Different forms of art have their own unique charms, but

FAQ for stage installation

With the increasing number of various types of activities, the demand for stage building services is also increasing. Stage installations mainly involves the following frequent ask questions:(1) Stage size; (2) Stage aesthetics; (3) Stage safety; (4) Stage height.

what is the function of stage design

Paintings and statues are judged by eye. If they are beautiful,most people will dmire them.This is not true of design for a stage. In many cases, a picture of shadow box might make a pleasant wall decoration if it were attractively painted. However, it would be a very limited set for a play.There ar

key points for stage setting

Stage has been used in all kinds of activities, and building a good stage represents the activity has been half the success. So how do you stage an event? What problems should we pay attention to in stage design? Shenzhen ten thousand tide media can help you answer:1. Be realisticWhat the designer o


FAQ for stage installation

With the increasing number of various types of activities, the demand for stage building services is also increasing. Stage installations mainly involves the following frequent ask questions:
(1) Stage size; 
(2) Stage aesthetics; 
(3) Stage safety; 
(4) Stage height.
1. Size of stage
Stage construction must have the limitation of size, because its deck board is to have certain specifications. if the Size does not match, it will not only affect the beauty, but also increase the cost. 
When the stage size is determined, we usually recommend integer x integer size, which is the most economic, the effect is also the best, can play the effect of twice the result with half the effort.
2. The aesthetics of the stage
After the stage construction is completed, the carpet will be laid on the stage, the color can be customized according to customer requirements, and the stage will be surrounded by the edge, and a very beautiful stage will be formed. When the stage is beautified, the carpet must use brand-new, the edge must be seamless stitching, do these details well, just can let the stage more beautiful, more atmosphere.
3. Stage safety
As a professional stage manufacturer, the safety of the stage is the primary consideration. For customers, if they need to place heavy objects or stand on the stage, they must tell us in advance so that we can do a good job in the corresponding safety design work.
The most easily neglected problem in stage construction is the weather problem, such as the spontaneous combustion of high-temperature equipment, waterproof treatment of equipment in rainy days, etc., which we must take into account to provide a guarantee for the safety of ourselves and the audience present.
4. The common height of the stage is mainly 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 120cm and above.
A stage with a height of 20cm
1) Applicable: small and medium-sized activities or indoor activities.
2) Reason: I hope to have a close contact with the audience, but I don't want to distance myself from the audience, so I will use a stage that is not very high. General hotels or ordinary indoor have a certain height limit. If the stage height is too high, the distance between the people on the stage and the roof will be too close, so it is easy to feel the sense of oppression and disharmony.
3) Examples: such as opening ceremony, foundation laying ceremony, launch ceremony, unveiling ceremony, commencement ceremony, commodity promotion activities, birthday paty, internal company annual meeting, etc.
40cm high stage
1) Applicable: Most commonly used.
2) Reason: It is the most beautiful to set up, especially the celebration stage. The solemn and solemn atmosphere of the stage can keep a certain distance from the audience without losing its interactivity and intimacy.
3) Examples: such as opening ceremony, foundation laying ceremony, launch ceremony, unveiling ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony, top sealing ceremony or large-scale annual company activities.
60cm high stage.
1) Applicable: The venue is large and the number of participants is large.
2) Reason: In order to make the audience in front not block the sight of the audience behind, and some special occasions or specific activities, it is necessary to build a stage with a height of more than 60cm.
3) Examples: such as some large-scale activities, such as star meeting, concert, opening ceremony, foundation laying ceremony, launch ceremony, unveiling ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony and other occasions.
folding stage (37).jpg

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stage design ideas
What Are Aluminum Event Stage Design Ideas?
You should implement good aluminum event stage ideas to add more glamor to your event. Your event will appear more professional by choosing the perfect portable stage design, as it will seamlessly blend into your existing décor. Whether it is a permanent stage or portable aluminum stage, you can follow our tips to gain extra attention from the audience.
Aluminum Event Stage Design Ideas to Make Your Event Attractive
Use Lightboxes
Lightboxes are a new trend in set design. Custom illuminated graphics displayed on thin aluminum frames to enhance your set design and branding scheme. To highlight a specific product, achievement, anniversary, or graphic of your choice, these can either be placed center stage or used in multiples offset to either side of the stage.
Try Decorative Truss Towers
The purpose of a truss onstage may be to support other set elements, but the appearance may be industrial. You can create colorful displays from a regular support beam by covering them with white spandex socks and lighting them with LED lights from inside.
Alternatively, a simple truss with up-lighting can produce a particular effect if industrial is the theme of your meeting. When decorating the stage, don't forget to adjust the design with the ceiling and floor. Downlighting and uplighting are both helpful for enhancing your stage design.
Fabric Stage Sets
With pre-designed and modular stage sets, stage looks can be improved with ease and dramatic effect. Using them in conjunction with the event theme will add depth and dimension to the stage. In addition to acrylic panels, modular cubes, monolithic displays, and non-linear "shark fins" or "leaves," other elements can be lit in any color and used as a display surface. It is also possible to stretch spandex between trusses, which is budget-friendly and stylish.
Don't Forget to Cover the Stage
A style carpet is usually the best choice since they muffle footsteps and prevent sound waves from bouncing off the stage. You should choose a stylish carpet for your aluminum event stages if you use them for drama or music.
Decorate Your Backdrops and Decorations to Inspire
You can find creative and modern decoration ideas for your aluminum stage design on the internet. Keeping your stage design up to date is made easier with DIY projects. In addition to creating engaging pieces, you can try attractive backdrops to draw the audience's attention. You should decorate your stage backdrops according to the event and stage design theme.
Final Thoughts
Don't try too much lighting to design your stage. And try to keep the design simple. You have to make a proper plan and budget before decorating your event stage. By doing this, you will be able to accomplish your goals. This article has shown you that there are many ways you can upgrade and bring life to your aluminum event stage. You can turn your event stage into a focal point of attention by following these tips.
  • What is stage adjustable leg

    if you are a new to aluminum modular stage, you shall want to know What is stage adjustable feet and how it works.
    The adjustable feet is a steel component of modular stage leg. it has 3 parts, steel base (round or square), threading stem and big screw nut.
    It is a heavy duty to bear the whole loading of the stage.

stage design ideas
How to Design an Event Stage
Production elements are added to a presentation space through stage design. Besides improving the stage's appearance, the goal is to enhance attendees' overall experience. Here are some tips for thinking about, drafting, and perfecting your event stage design.

How to Design an Event Stage
Determine Budget and Make a plan

The first thing you need to do for your event stage is determine your budget. There are various options for stages, including permanent stages and portable aluminum stages. Make a proper plan and choose a theme based on your budget. By doing so, you will design your event stage attractively and uniquely.
A good starting point is to see a graphic rendering of the event space concerning the desired appearance. By doing so, you will avoid any technical issues from the beginning. You can make a 3d graphical model to find out how your stage will look like. Be sure to take the correct measurements before you start working.

Utilize Production Principles

The designer should consider the basic principles of good stage design when he is creating a set and stage backdrop. They are simplicity, cohesion, and texture. The elements should be consistent with the theme and not conflict. No matter how extravagant your production is, there's always room to declutter and keep the focus on the main event.
Rather than combining things randomly, cohesion uses production elements that tie together and support one overall look. This is achieved through color, style, etc. Production elements should all appear to belong together.
It is possible that your venue already outlines stage design rules. This is not a disadvantage. You may actually come up with some creative ideas within these limitations that you may not have thought of in another environment.

Think About Lighting

Lighting can create a new environment full of energy and excitement out of a plain canvas. In addition, it can alter the mood of the stage and drastically change the venue.
If you want to achieve a particular look, you may work with a lighting company. Keep in mind lighting shouldn't overwhelm your stage design, and don't use too many colors

Incorporate technology

You can incorporate technology into your event stage design in many ways. Modern events are filled with technology, from the microphones you choose to the fog machine. This should be a significant consideration when designing the event.
A simple tech banner, for example, can transform an event stage. Multimedia content like music videos, hype previews, and event promotion is commonly displayed on wide digital banners.

Final Words

Stages are blank canvases on which you can create something truly memorable. Hopefully, our article will help you design a stage for an event. Designing and building it in a new way will take on a whole new meaning. In addition to elevating the venue's appearance, a well-designed stage ensures the audience and performers are entirely immersed in the event.
  • why modular stage is adjustable?


    1. it has adjustable leg ( two tubes, innder tube and exterior tube, adjust height by pushing inner tube and fix with long screws and nuts)
    2. the adjustable feet, we can screw th nut up and down to change the length of modular stage leg also.


Portable Aluminum Acrylic Wedding Platform 2.44x6.1m Height 0.3-0.5m
Portable Aluminum Acrylic Wedding Platform 2.44x1.22m Height 0.3-0.5m
Event Layher Scaffolding Stage 12x12m with 2 Stairs 2m High

How to Maximize Your Church Stage Design for Cheap

Every time a church service is held, the congregation directs their attention to the stage. It is not uncommon for churches to have large impressive stages. It helps capture the audience's attention from the moment they step foot inside. You can still have a significant and remarkable church service even if you have a small stage. How to Maximize Your Church Stage Design for Cheap? Use these simple tips, which are explained below.

How to Maximize Your Church Stage Design for Cheap

With creative backdrops, you can enhance your stage's depth. It is the most tricky way to grab the attention of the audience. Choose backgrounds with depth and visual interest instead of flat colors.

Decoration using Low-Cost Material
Due to its lightweight and durability, coroplast is a great tool to use for heavy-duty tasks. The majority of the assortments come in opaque white, but they can also be found in transparent forms. These can provide many opportunities to create color using light.
PVC pipe is a great visual effect prop that can be made in any shape, size, and color. These pipes can be used in various shapes and designs, and you can enlist members to help with events or crafts.

Proper Lighting
Using proper lighting, you can maximize the design of your church. You can create designs, create dramatic effects, and alter the mood of a room with different lighting techniques. Consider setting up stage lights at the corners and along with the back barriers. Furthermore, shine a spotlight upward along your wall to make it appear more spacious. Proper lighting will help to stand out the designs and decoration materials.

Add Some Flower Petals
Floral decorations are a popular option for enhancing a venue. Flowers can enhance the beauty of the stage at an affordable cost. The use of flower petals contributes to the mood of the audience.

Try Wooden Pallets
Cutting wood pallets into cool designs and painting them in various colors will allow you to create a beautiful set. Other options include:

Applying lights to the surface (from behind or in front).
Going for a natural look.
Window screens
A window screen is cheap, and it lends itself to some cool designs. You can crimp it up, paint it, warp it, and rip it whatever you need. This will help to maximize the stage beauty.

Final Words
You can use candles and creative designs to make your stage more attractive. Hopefully, the post will help give an idea about how to maximize your stage beauty for cheap. Be careful not to overlight your stage - this can negatively affect you.

Tips For Creative Church Stage Designs

A common myth about stage design is that it is expensive and complicated. With little thought and effort, almost any church can improve its stage aesthetics, regardless of budget. You can make your church stage look fabulous and attract churchgoers with creative ideas. The size of your church stage does not matter whether it is portable or permanent. Using our tips for innovative church design will prove beneficial.

Decide How Much You Will Spend
The first and foremost important thing is determining how much you want to spend on your church stage design. Choosing your budget will help you make a perfect plan for designing your stage. If your church doesn't have a stage, you can use a portable aluminum stage instead of a permanent stage.

Select a Perfect Design
It is crucial to choose a perfect theme for your stage design. Decorate your stage according to your theme. Floral themes are always aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to the eye. You can also decorate with greenery and twigs instead of just flowers in this case. If you want to keep the design for an extended period, you have to use PVC pipe, forecast, origami to complete your design. With proper light, your stage will look aesthetic.

Adapt New Ideas
Rather than copying other church stage designs, you should make your own design and plan. You can take ideas from the internet and different church stage designs. There are times when the results do not match your expectations regarding stage design. Be sure to improvise while designing your stage.

Utilize Wood Pallets
A wood pallet is a popular design trend in both homes and churches for many reasons: they're versatile, affordable, and create a significant impact without taking up much space. Some people use wood pallets for media stands, shelving, and even bed frames on budget home design websites.

Having a Good Backlight is Crucial
Backlighting is usually used to emphasize a character's position and depth on stage. It makes it hard for the audience to distinguish stage depth. Having a good wash light is more important than playing with the color. It's best to have a warm backlight for that comforting glow.

Stage Coverage
The best choice is usually a short nap carpet or a Berber style, as this will muffle footsteps and prevent sound waves from bouncing off the stage. Carpet is the best choice if your church stages will be used for drama or music.

Think Beyond The Stage
General lighting, window treatments, and decor will add more elegance to your stage. Ultimately, the stage should be your church's focal point, so you should focus your efforts there. However, don't disregard the rest of the building! You have the opportunity to enhance every aspect of your church to create the environment and atmosphere you desire.

Final Thoughts
You need to make a proper plan and follow some tips to make your charge stage look beautiful. It is crucial for a church stage set never to distract but rather amplify a theme. Keep your church's stage design simple and avoid excessive lighting.
Aluminum Fashion Show Catwalk Way Stage 8.54x4.88m
Indoor Small Stage Platform with Guardrails 3.66x2.44m
Aluminum Portable Mobile Stage Podium Platform Deck 21.96x10.98m
stage design ideas
How To Build A Church stage
The stage is the focal point of each church service. A stage is a necessity, whether it be in a small church or a large stage. A grand, spectacular stage commands the audience's attention as soon as they walk into the church.
You can still have a magnificent church service, even if it takes place on a small stage. The following details will help you figure out how to build a church stage.

How To Build A Church stage

Determine Your Budget
Budget is a roadmap to help make planning your expenses easier while building a stage for your church. After determining the budget, you can go for the next step.

Choose Between Permanent and Portable stage
Stages provide a designated area for drama productions, special music concerts, or regular church meetings, and they can be permanent or temporary.
Stages that will be used occasionally for special presentations or dramas should be portable and small. You can build the stage from two or three sections. A permanent stage requires additional work, however. Your main floor project should seamlessly integrate with the rest of your main floor. It is more convenient and should match your needs to have a portable stage. You can customize the stage area to meet your needs. Portable stages are affordable and easy to construct.

Measure Area
After selecting whether you want a permanent portable stage, measure the area the stage will occupy. Be sure to accommodate doors and structures which are already in place in the same area. Measure the area you will be using for the stage. The church's layout and the stage's size may require you to work around additional structures. If you want a permanent stage, you must leave enough space between the stage and adjacent structures.

Construct Frame
Creating a framework is the next step in building your church stage. Because people will be walking on the stage, you'll want it to be sturdy.
The frame can be covered with wood boards or plywood. Although, the cost of wood planks will be higher compared to plywood covering. The stage will most likely be covered with carpet or paint, so thick plywood is the ideal choice. The top surface of the stage should be covered completely with plywood and screwed into the frame. You should cut the extra plywood into strips large enough to cover the stage's sides. This will ensure that the audience will not be able to see any bare spaces beneath the stage.
Don't forget to drill holes for wiring. If your church is using a permanent stage, mark out the wiring for the sound system so it can be run under the frame and up through the top surface. For easy access and use, drill holes in the appropriate places where cables and wires can pass through.

Covering The Stage
Cover the stage with carpet as the final stage of your stage installation. As an alternative, you can simply paint the stage's entire surface. The best choice is usually a short nap carpet or a Berber style, as this will muffle footsteps and prevent sound waves from bouncing off the stage. Carpet is the best choice if your church stages will be used for drama or music.

The church is a major social gathering place. It hosts weddings, puts on plays, and even has youth groups. However, when you're in a smaller church, you might not feel like you have enough space to design a great stage. Here is the best way to build a small church stage.

How to Build a Small Church Stage

Use a Portable Stage
To build your small charge stage, you should select a portable stage. A portable stage is budget-friendly and capable of organizing all kinds of functions and gatherings. Select a particular area and set up your portable stage. It is important to measure your frame accurately and make it sturdy since it gives structure to your stage. As soon as you have attached the legs to the frame, attach a sheet of plywood to finish the stage. Now you should start decorating the stage and provide a proper background.

Lighting up Your Small Church Stage
Lighting is one of the most important aspects of small church stage design. Stage lighting can be used in various ways according to the event. This eye-catching aspect of the stage is the lighting. Even when space is limited, you can create different designs, effects and use different colors to change the room's mood. Use warmer or cooler light bulbs to emphasize sections of the stage. If necessary, you can even hire a lighting designer to find a special lighting scheme.

Decorating The Background
PVC pipe can provide a dramatic backdrop for your event that reflects light. Furthermore, PVC pipes are flexible and can be used in various designs. They can be cut and arranged in any color or motif. You can use them to create images, words, or even just abstract patterns. Church stage designs and decorations are also affordable with this material.

Use Corrugated plastic (coroplast)
Various factors explain the popularity of this material, including its durability, flexibility, and affordability. Cut it into different shapes and use different colors to reuse it multiple times. A coroplast stage is always accompanied by lighting since it easily reflects it. This will make your small church stage more appealing.

Origami Stage Design
Adding an origami stage design to your small church stage is a modern and elegant way of improving its appearance. Using old materials, cutting them into shape, and adding lighting can help you stay within your budget.

Tips For Designing a Church Stage
As church stage designs have become increasingly influential, they can significantly impact entire congregations. Whether it is a small or large stage, a perfect design can make it look impressive. A stage can look large and impressive even if it's small if it's designed correctly. Keep on reading to find exclusive tips for designing a church stage.

Tips For Designing a Church Stage

Learn from Other Stage Designers
It is important to immerse yourself in church stage design and learn from what others have done. Look closely at other church designs in your area and compare them. It will help you understand and plan about how you can design your church.

Use Light Wisely
We all know lighting is the heart of stage design. Having so many lights doesn't mean you must keep them all on. In addition, the lights do not have to be on full power all the time. Overly bright lighting is a sure-fire way to reveal flaws in a set. Reduce the number of colors used immediately. Avoid lighting your set in seven different colors immediately. Isn't it rare to see a graphic piece with many different colors in it?

Try Building the First Impression
Consider what information a first-time visitor will gather from your stage design. Make sure that the first impression is as good as possible when visitors enter the church.

Consider The Floor And Ceiling
The use of all your light on set pieces leaves you with fewer visual canvasses. Your stage design can be enhanced by downlighting and uplighting. You shouldn't light the background and foreground equally. For example, your background should not be as bright as your speaker during the message.

Focus on a Single, Simple Design Concept
It is common for designers to combine three designs into one. The designer made several great ideas and, instead of using each one separately, he combined them all.
Once you begin implementing a design, it changes. As you see your design taking shape in the room, don't be afraid to make drastic changes to your idea.

Don't fill The Dark Space
Be flexible, and don't get locked into what you anticipated the set to be. Don't worry about filling in every blank. You can create a sense of depth on your stage by using dark space between set pieces.

Final Thoughts
We hope this guide will help you envision and create the right church stage decoration; following these tips will turn your church into a beautiful place of worship. You can also incorporate rugs or carpeting if you want to give your church stage design a more elegant look.
  • How to build a stage platform

    How to build a stage platform

    many people want to know " How to build a stage platform", especially for those new client who intend to build a stage for their use.
    for this question, as a stage manuafacturer we usually shall ask, " what kind of stage do want to build?"
    many people shall be startled, beacause they thought there only one kind of stage they saw on the site.
    in fact, in our factory there are 6 kinds of stage we produce. namely: modular stage, quick stage, pipe stage, iron stage, folding stage and riser stage.

    if you want to know the ways of building a stage platform, you should also know the reasons.
    hereafter, we shall introduce the stages one by one.
    types of stage platform

    modular stage

    the most popular assemble stage in the market, it is a modular design structure. this kind of stage including parts: stage deck, leg pillar, adjustable feet, stage brace.
    if you want to know more about its design and features, you can check our professional page:https://www.dragontruss.com/modular-stage.html
    here is the video for you to see "how to build moduar stage"

    quick stage

    the simplest design stage in the market, it is a very clean and elegant structure. it usually used in indoor conference and church activites. this kind of stage including parts: stage topping, adjustable leg, feet disc.
    if you want to know more about its design and features, you can check our professional page:https://www.dragontruss.com/quick-stage.html
    here is the video for you to see "how to build quick stage"

    pipe stage

    it is another kind of modular design structure. this kind of stage has the same feature as the quick stage, it including types of pipes, adjustable feet, stage platform and stage feet.
    if you want to know more about its design and features, you can check our professional page:https://www.dragontruss.com/pipe-stage.html
    here is the video for you to see "how to build pipe stage"

    4. iron stage

    it is a iron stage, also we call it steel stage. it usually used for large outdoor concerts and events. it including: stage decking, pillar leg, adjustable base, pipes, joint pipe, discs, locks and clip lock.
    it is a kind of steel layer stage and scaffolding used on the contructions as working staging.
    if you want to know more about its design and features, you can check our professional page:https://www.dragontruss.com/iron-stage.html
    here is the video for you to see "how to build pipe stage"

    5. folding stage

    it is the most easy way to install, you only need to unfold it on the ground. it is welcomed by hotel, indoor wedding and club.

    6. riser stage

    it is easy to set up, beacuse its structure are made of pipes and connected in one base, you only need to unfold the pipes as an umbrella, then put the stage board on it.


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