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Standing term for stage lighting lights

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Standing term for stage lighting lights

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Frequent lighting terminology

The light is an electromagnetic wave, which is the composition of the radiation energy emitted by the source.

The light includes consisting of visible light, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays.

The wavelength of light is generally between 380 nm - 780 nm.

The naked eye can be used, we call it \"visible light \".

The light-visible light has an ultraviolet and infrared lines.

The wavelength of ultraviolet rays is generally between 100 nm - 380 nm, and the naked eye is unrecognized.

The wavelength of the infrared rays is 780 nm - 1 mm, the naked eye is also unrecognizable.

Color temperature

The unit of absolute temperature is K.

It refers to the color of a standard black body, heating to a certain degree, the color will start change accordingly, the order is from red - light red - orange - white - blue white - blue, this Cycling progressive color temperature change process.

By grabbing the wonderful feature of this light color change, we make the light color and standard size black body of a light source present the same color at a certain temperature. This is called the absolute temperature K at the time of the light source. Color temperature.

Select color index

The unit of the developing index is RA, which is mainly used to measure the most realistic color of the object that is illuminated when the light source occurs.

The measurement standard is the color index. The higher the color index value is at 0-100, the higher the color color index, which means that the higher the light source, and the higher the light source reproduces the color of the color. The color of the object.

Luminous flux

The unit of luminous flux is a lumen LM, which can be interpreted as a light emitted object in units of light.

The more light, the smaller the number of lumens. Conversely, the more small light, the smaller the number of lumens.

Optical efficiency

Light efficiency unit lumens / watts (LM / W), which refers to the proportion of optical flux and electric power emitted by the light source.

Average life

The average life is also called a rated life, it means that all the lights are lit by one-half of its number, the lamp is damaged.


The unit of the light intensity is a CD, refers to the luminous flux in the stereo angle.


Illumination is expressed in the amount of luminous flux accepted in its unit area, its unit is Lux (LX) or a mild mortuary (lm / m2), which is used to illustrate the illumination area (or working surface). .


Brightness It is mainly used to represent the strength of the body surface illumination (or reflective).

The luminescence intensity of the object light-emitting surface in the sight direction and the light-emitting surface is perpendicular to the surface of the projection area in this direction, referred to as the surface brightness of the light-emitting surface, in Candra per square meter (CD / M2).

Luminous efficiency

That is, light efficiency, the unit is a lumen per watt (LM / W) describes the quality of the light source and the optical amount of the economy, and it is possible to reflect how much optical flux is radiated when the light source is consuming unit energy.

Beam angle

The beam angle is the light angle of the lamp and the angle of the lamp cup.

Color display and illumination

The visual effect of the environment seems to be clear, and it is determined by the color color index and illumination of the light source.

There is a relatively balanced relationship between the illuminance and color of color index.

The lamp of the color index at RA> 90 is more than 25% higher than the illuminance index (RA<60).

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