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Iron Stage
Iron Stage
  • Specifications

    the iron stage in the market mainly are 1.22x2.44m (4x8ft ) and 1.22x1.22m ( 4x4ft )

  • Height
    there are various heights are available to the iron stage 
    a. 0.6-1m; b. 1.6-2 m and higher
  • Load Capacity
  • Material and main tube


    main tube: Diameter: 50X3mm

  • Charactoristics

    Heavy loading capacity and stable

    Demountable, easy to assemble and transport

    Self-locking, quick assemble

  • features of iron stage
    more about our stage
    the iron stage is also called the layer stage or steel stage, it is made of Hot zinc galvanization, it is disc locking connection design, it is also another kind of modular stage. it is easy to assemble and dismantle in a quick way.
    it is heavier than the aluminium stage but has a larger loading capacity. the layer stage structure mainly includes stage topping ( stage deck/ stage platform/ stage board), stage leg pillar, connecting pipe and adjustable leg 4 parts, it can piece up to a sturdy and stable staging. its relevant parts include stage rails, stage stairs, and stage skirting. and normally, the stairs are flexible step stairs.
    the iron stage is built up as steel scaffolding staging. the deck is fixed on the pillar through the joint claw of the tray and connect disk.
    there is short support is designed at the middle of the horizontal pipe to hold the deck for stability.
    this stage is the heavy-duty stage, it is the most suitably used for large events and concerts, and hanging line array speaker and led screen.
  • stage structure
    stage deck board, stage leg pillar, connecting pipes, adjutable leg and tray
    steel iron stage
  • feature stage components
    pillar, diagonal/horizontal pipe, adjustable base, joint pipe, disk, clip lock, straight lock, oblique lock

    iron stage parts

  • stage topping material selection
    there are various topping materials to choose

    1:plywood topping :red,black,brown colour 
    2:Acrylic glass topping: all kinds of color
    3:Tempered glass topping 
    4:Baboo plywood topping 

    layer stage

    layer stage deck choose

  • how to assemble pipe stage
    assembly steps
    layer stage structure
  • feature design
    joint claw and short support
    layer stage feature design
  • low iron stage and high iron stage
    differences between low iron stage and high iron stage
  • custom deck and fittings for those guardrails
    this fittings can be removed to put the vertical pillar in the bottom pipe
  • diagram for pillar in the middle of 4 decks
    1 pillar installed in custom 4 decks adjacent
New Design Steel Fixing Parts for Layher Stage
Steel Fixing Parts for Layher Stage
       Steel Beam
this new design steel beam is used to hold and fix the layher stage deck with end-inserts
  Univeral Connector
the steel beam has universal connector to the layher truss fixing disk
Steel Fixing Parts for Layher Stage
Custom Sizes to Deck Dimensions
layher stage deck can be 1.22x1.22m, 1.22x2.44m or 1x2m; the steel beam also can be custom to produce as the deck dimensions.
Steel Fixing Parts for Layher Stage
New Design Aluminum Fixing Parts for Layher Stage
aluminum Fixing Parts for Layher Stage
Aluminum Fixing Parts for Layher Stage
Similar to steel fixing parts for layher stage, aluminum fixing beam (3mm thick) has a long slot for the stage deck to put in, and two adjacent deck frame share one slot to keep the whole stage straight and firm. At both ends, the beam has inserts to connect to layher truss disk.
TUV Tests on New Aluminum Layher Stage
We have called TUV test company to give our new aluminum layer stage loading capacity.
New Aluminum Layher Stage before test
New Aluminum Layher Stage in testing

TUV SUD Certification and Testing (China) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch carried the tests based on "general terms and conditions".

1. Description of test subject:

product name: aluminum quick stage

2. Dimensions:

overall dimensions 2m L x 2m W

unit deck dimensions 2m L x 1m W

frame & transom  aluminum alloy & steel layher truss

panel laminated plywood T18.0 T93.0 NON slip

side aluminum transom 140mm H

leg profile Dia.48 x T3.0

During the test,the specified loads were applied and deformations were measured 5 minutes after load and 5 minutes after load removal.

3. Uniformly distributed load (UDL)
The stage was supported by four poles at four ends.A specified nominal load was uniformly distributed according to Figure1. on the stage and the deflection under this loading condition was measured accordingly.

4. Test information

Surface Area, (m2) 2

UDL, (kg/ m2) 900

Total load applied, (kg) 1800

Measured deflection, (mm) 21

Residual deflection, (mm) 0

5. Test result

No visible damage was found during and after test.

how to get a custom quick stage


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