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Stage machinery is a term for anything that is involved in the staging of a theatrical production. This includes any object that is on the stage, as well as any equipment used to manipulate or transport these objects. Stage machinery includes anything from props to lights to sound to special effects. It includes control system, winch system, moving system, rotation system, creative machine, combination machine and other machines.

Stage machinery is the most basic element of theatrical production. There are many different types of stage machinery that are used in different ways, depending on the production. Stage machinery can be as simple as a chair or as complex as a full-scale hydraulic lift.

Stage machinery is a category of equipment that is often used in theatrical productions to create an interesting and engaging environment for the audience. The most common stage machinery is the stage curtain, which is often hung in front of the stage and can be raised or lowered to make a grand entrance or exit. Another common piece of stage machinery is the backdrop, which is often a large piece of cloth that is used to create a backdrop for the stage. Backdrops are often used to change the setting of the show. Stage machinery can also include props, such as tables and chairs, that are used to create a more realistic environment for the audience.

winch system
Winch System
lifting system
Lifting System
rotation system
Rotation System
stage ground machine
Sliding System

control system
Control System
creative machine
Creative Machinery
combination machine
Combination Machine

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Information About Stage Sound
We have an excellent technical team to provide Pro Audio regarding customers' idea.
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generally in the party stage, the design of the big screen basically divided into three kinds: According to the frame of the stage with LED screen as the main body.it is quite common to set up a stage with light position around each unit screen. The stage frame with overall depth of the stage is se

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Author: TiC Tiger Stage Lighting Vision Vision Vision: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/200821276 Source: Knowing copyright belongs to the author. Business reprint, please contact the author to obtain authorization, non-commercial reprint, please indicate the source. Common lighting terms are one of electromagnetic waves, and is the composition of radiation energy emitted by the light source. The light includes consisting of visible light, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays. The wavelength of light is generally between 380 nm - 780 nm. The naked eye can be used, we call it \"visible light \". The light-visible light has an ultraviolet and infrared lines. The wavelength of ultraviolet rays is generally between 100 nm - 380 nm, and the naked eye is unrecognized. The wavelength of the infrared rays is 780 nm - 1 mm, the naked eye is also unrecognizable. The unit of color temperature absolute temperature is K. It refers to the use of a standard black body, heating

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With the increasing number of various types of activities, the demand for stage building services is also increasing. Stage installations mainly involves the following frequent ask questions:(1) Stage size; (2) Stage aesthetics; (3) Stage safety; (4) Stage height.

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Paintings and statues are judged by eye. If they are beautiful,most people will dmire them.This is not true of design for a stage. In many cases, a picture of shadow box might make a pleasant wall decoration if it were attractively painted. However, it would be a very limited set for a play.There ar

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