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Aluminum Stage

  • Q what is aluminum acrylic glass stage

    A aluminum acrylic glass stage means aluminum stage frame with an acrylic glass deck is a type of stage platform commonly used in events and performances. The frame of the stage is made from aluminum, which is durable and lightweight, making it easy to move and transport. The deck of the stage is made from acrylic glass, which is transparent and allows for unique lighting effects to be displayed underneath the stage.

    This type of stage is popular in situations where a clear view of performers or equipment is desired from below the stage, such as fashion shows or product launches. The acrylic glass deck can be customized with different colors or graphics to fit the theme of the event.

    It's important to note that safety considerations should always be taken into account when using a stage platform. Proper installation, weight capacity, and adherence to safety standards are crucial to ensure the safety of performers and attendees.

  • Q what is stage handrail brace and pillar and how it works

    A stage handrail is also called guardrails. it is a part of protection part around the stage above.
    its main function it to protect people on stage from falling accidently.
    stage handrail brace is a removeable items of a whole stage. when the stage is low, it is not a necissary part.
    here is the drawing of stage gruardrails and how it installed onto stage braces with guardrail pillars.
     modular stage with guardrail around
    how guardrail attached to stage brace
  • Q why the stage deck is 4x8ft (1.22*2.44m)

    A the main reason is the raw material plywood sheet is 4x8ft (1.22*2.44m).
    this result from traditional plywood production machine and technology.
  • Q what the procedures of setting stage indoors

    1. Measure the length and width of the ground and frame the stage area.
    2. The conventional stage board is 1.22*1.22. According to the length and width, select the number of stage boards for construction.
    3. After the stage is selected, consider whether a truss and stage are needed according to the lights on the spot and Background frame
    4. If it needs to purchase a stage lighting truss, you need to consider the height of the indoor floor, and then determine the height of the truss.
    5. The material stage can be steel stage and aluminum alloy stage, and the light truss can choose 300*300 aluminum alloy truss.
    6. The quantity of accessories and collocation, such as the truss base, etc. please contact us.
  • Q what is the features of aluminum stage

    A easy to set up and disassemble, lightweighted, portable and modular design.
  • Q what is the loading capacity of aluminum stage

    A our aluminum stage loading capacity is 750kg per square meters.
  • Q what color can I have for the stage

    A the stage deck can be various color, because we can provide deck carpet to adhesive on the top.
    most client choose black (the plywood topping is black) or red.
    if you need a special color, please contact us before placing order.
  • Q what basic items for backdrop (pipe and drape)



    1.Telescoping Uprights – fixed or adjustable vertical poles

    2.Crossbar/Horizontal – fixed or extensible horizontal bars
    3.Base – foundation of upright poles; its weight depends on style of drape 

    4.Drape – fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes

  • Q what is pipe and drape for wedding


    Pipe and Drape is used to divide, hide, and/or decorate a space temporarily.
    When people talk about Pipe and Drape for wedding decoration, Pipe refer to aluminum or steel poles fixed or adjustable telescoping vertical upright, which are usually supported by a weighted steel base,as well as poles adjustable telescopic or fixed horizontal, these two kind of poles provide a drape support frame;
    and Drape refer to
     removable curtain panels, which are hang between upright poles and on the horizontal pipes.


  • Q what the deck material for the stage

    A the stage deck material have:
    1. plywood
    2. acrylic glass
    3. tempered glass
    4. aluminum sheet
  • Q what the sizes of stage deck

    A the sizes of stage deck:
    1. 1.22x1.22m
    2. 1.22x2.44m
    3. 1x2m
    4. custom sizes
  • Q what is the material for the stage

    A most stage is made of aluminium alloy.
    we also provide steel stage for those more 2 m high stage.
  • Q can I have adjustable height stage?

    A yes, most aluminum stage produced by us have adjustable leg.
    usually the stage height have:
    A: 0.4-0.8M
    B. 0.6-1M
    C. 0.8-1.2M
    D. 1-1.4M
    E. 1.2-2M
    F. 1.2-1.8M
    G. 1.6-2M
    before make the inquiry, please tell us what is the height of the stage you would like to have.

  • Q what aluminum stages do you have

    A we have 4 kinds of different aluminum stages with different sizes.
    for details, you can check our website links: https://www.dragontruss.com/Choose-Stage-Type-pd49746654.html
    custom service is welcome also.


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