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We are a team of skillful craftmen on aluminum materials, we are able to custom produce your ideal and unique truss, stage and metal structure from conceiption to be real object, furthermore, we are able to make your designs to be more practical and multi-functional in use.
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Its main products include aluminum stage, truss, scaffold,and auxiliary products such as flight case, dj table, rotating lighting truss, lighting frame, aluminum barricade, Cable board, lights, lift stand, ramp and seating system.…

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Establish in 2008, more than 10 years experiences


Custom stage design and production


Main materials are certified by SGS, TUV,CE

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What are the characteristics of LED flight case
11-04 2022

What are the characteristics of LED flight case1. The raw materials and colors of the surface of the LED case can be selected according to the LED sizes.2. Traditional wooden packing cases must generally be molded. PE LED flight case are free of mold costs, and specifications and models are customiz

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What are the illumination requirements of the stage performance area
10-11 2022

What are the illumination requirements of the stage performance areafirst, the illumination index of the multi-function performance stage. 1. the vertical illumination of the main performance area is not less than 1200lx ( 1m to stage deck test )2. color rendering index Ra > 903. color temperature.

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event stage truss (2).jpg
what are event Stage classifications
09-20 2022

what are Stage classificationsThe arrangement of stage lighting is closely related to the stage type. According to the relationship between the audience and the performance stage, the stage can be divided into enclosed stage and open stage, two categories.First, the enclosed stage. This stage has a

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what are psychological characteristics of lighting color
09-24 2022

Different colors have different feelings to people's psychology.First, the "red", warm color, full of stimulation, long-term contact easy to result in fatigue. red is reminiscent of the sun, red flag, blood light, enthusiasm, hot, warmth, love, auspiciousness, vitality, positive, strong, uplifting,

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hotel dome tent.jpg
How do you choose diameter 6m dome tent?
09-17 2022

How do you choose diameter 6m dome tent?you may choose the dome tent as the picture, but can not know clearly it is priced.or you want more or less to get a good price for your fact, our dome tent is priced as items. and mainly fall into 4 kinds (levels).you can choose them as packa

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how to assemble aluminum event stage roof truss
09-14 2022

Building a roof truss is a step-by-step process that requires knowledge of construction techniques. but thanks to aluminum truss are standard and modular design, it is easy to understand to know how to assemble if we provide drawing and is the truss system without roofing.for the roof par

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glossary of stage lighting for Chinese beginner
09-13 2022

glossary of stage lighting for Chinese beginner1. 光学与灯具种类舞台照明灯具luminaries白炽灯incandescent lamp卤钨灯tungsten halogen lamp反射型灯泡reflector lampPAR 灯泡parabolic aluminized reflector lampAC 灯air craft landing lamp金属卤化物灯metal halide lamp镝灯dysprosium lamp氙灯xenon lamp荧光灯fluorescent light 三基色荧光灯three-basic-colour

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Tips For Creative Church Stage Designs
02-15 2022

A common myth about stage design is that it is expensive and complicated. With little thought and effort, almost any church can improve its stage aesthetics, regardless of budget. You can make your church stage look fabulous and attract churchgoers with creative ideas. The size of your church stage

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truss for stage lighting (1).jpg
What are the main roles of stage lighting in stage performance
09-11 2022

The stage lighting plays a very important role in the stage performance, it belongs to the stage art of stage ilumination. through stage lighting, we can make the actor art imagine more impressive, highlighting the medium scene, and theme of artistic creation, and the performance of the entire stage

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5r 200w moving beam light.jpg
What does 5R mean in moving beam light?
09-21 2022

Usually we see 5R 200W SHARPY BEAM, it means 5R LAMP 200W SHARPY BEAM.for a full name, 5r stands for PHILIPS MSD Platinum 5R.from PHILIPS website we can see its details and data.

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