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spigot truss
Spigot Truss
Our spigot truss is a type of aluminum lighting truss that is joined together using conical coupler and pins and clips. conical coupler is a two-ends connecting coupler that have two male ends. The male end shall fit into the truss end with female connector, and the two parts are then secured together with a pin, and safe guarded with clip. 
Usually, we use truss hammer to knock in the pin to join truss together, and remove the pin to disconnect two spigot trusses.
So far, spigot truss is the most welcome lighting truss in events due to its fast assemble and disassemble.
Image Product Name Details Inquiry
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mkBpmKojRlkSklrlopllk/High-Loading-Capacity-290mm-by-290mm-Spigot-Trussing-4mm-Thick-60-60.jpeg High Loading Capacity 290mm by 290mm Spigot Trussing 4mm Thick View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/miBpmKojRlkSklrlirlnj/Heavy-Duty-290mm-Spiogt-Truss-3mm-Thick-60-60.png Heavy Duty 290mm Spiogt Truss 3mm Thick View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mpBpmKojRljSlmknmolml/f54-60-60.jpg Global Truss F54 520mm Square Event Stage Lighting Aluminum Truss View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mkBpmKojRljSlmkplqlnl/CS5276-Aluminum-Heavy-Duty-Lighting-Truss-520x760mm-60-60.jpg CS5276 Aluminum Heavy Duty Lighting Truss 520x760mm View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mqBpmKojRliSplpmnllql/CS40-fuben-60-60.jpg Lifting Tower Aluminum Speaker Tower Truss CS40 View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mkBpmKojRliSnnnmlplnl/Spigot-truss-289x289x1m-60-60.jpg Aluminum Alloy Straight Spigot Square Box Global Truss F34 0.5m 1m 1.5m 2m 2.5m 3m / 1.64ft 3.28ft 4.92ft 6.56ft 8.2ft 9.84ft View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mqBpmKojRljSlmpnjilnk/Aluminum-Box-Truss-Cs20-Spigot-Truss-200x200mm-60-60.jpg Aluminum Box Truss Cs20 Spigot Truss 200x200mm View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/miBpmKojRlkSriloiijoj/Aluminum-50mm-Diameter-Single-Tube-Truss1-60-60.jpg Aluminum 50mm Diameter Single Tube Truss View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mkBpmKojRljSrpkjkplok/Event-Concert-Aluminum-Lighting-Truss-Double-Hung-Touring-Truss-Pre-Rig-Truss-60-60.jpg Event Concert Aluminum Lighting Truss Double Hung Touring Truss Pre Rig Truss View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mjBpmKojRliSnnnmlplll/Spigot-Aluminum-truss-289x289x1m-60-60.jpg global type 50x3mm 290mm Square Spigot Truss Aluminum Lighting Truss for Events 0.5m 1m 1.5m 2m 2.5m 3m / 1.64ft 3.28ft 4.92ft 6.56ft 8.2ft 9.84ft View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mqBpmKojRljSpnmmrklrk/Spigot-Aluminum-Triangle-Truss-60-60.jpg Spigot Aluminum Triangle Truss 0.5m 1m 1.5m 2m 2.5m 3m / 1.64ft 3.28ft 4.92ft 6.56ft 8.2ft 9.84ft View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mrBpmKojRljSiimirqlpk/pre-rig-truss-60-60.jpg Aluminum Concert Lighting DJ Truss Pre-Rig Truss System for Stage Equipment 600x350mm View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mqBpmKojRljSlmlpprlik/CS68101-Heavy-Duty-Stage-Light-Truss-680x1010mm-60-60.jpg CS68101 Heavy Duty Stage Light Truss 680x1010mm View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mnBpmKojRljSlmkpnmlll/CS6070-Heavy-Duty-Stage-Box-Truss-600x700m-60-60.jpg CS6070 Heavy Duty Stage Box Truss 600x700m View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mpBpmKojRljSlmkppiljk/Cs5060-Aluminum-Heavy-Duty-Lighting-Truss-500x600mm-60-60.jpg CS5060 Aluminum Heavy Duty Spigot Lighting Truss 500x600mm View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mnBpmKojRljSlmjpkplpl/CS4060-Aluminum-Square-Truss-400x600mm-60-60.jpg CS4060 Aluminum Square Truss 400x600mm View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mqBpmKojRljSlmqnlplql/CS35-Aluminum-Spigot-Truss-350mm-60-60.jpg CS35 Aluminum Spigot Truss 350mm View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mnBpmKojRljSmpmkqmlqn/Aluminum-Straight-Folding-Truss-1010x580mm-S100F-60-60.jpg Aluminum Straight Folding Truss 1010x580mm S100F View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mlBpmKojRljSlmknkmlpl/Aluminum-Folding-Tri-Truss-Global-Truss-F102-1000x570mm-60-60.jpg Aluminum Folding Tri Truss Global Truss F102 1000x570mm View detail » Inquire
//iqrorwxhljollr5q.leadongcdn.com/cloud/mrBpmKojRljSlmknnplkl/Aluminum-Global-Folding-Truss-F52-570x521mm-60-60.jpg Aluminum Global Folding Truss F52 570x521mm View detail » Inquire
aluminum bolt truss
Bolt Truss
Bolt truss also called "screw truss". It is a type of truss that is connected together using bolt and nut. Bolt connection is taking one bolt go through two pieces of trusses ends holes and with nut to secure and bolted up together.
Usually, bolt truss is widely used for indoor use, due to its space saving product.
Comparing spigot truss, bolt truss has lower price, but time-consuming feathers. Thanks to electrical spanner, the bolt truss installation and disconnection work has become easier in these years.


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