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Led Truss

  • Show hanging LED truss
    The hanging LED truss in the display is a gentleman truss, which is a typical example, showing how to use the LED truss suspension TV display
  • Screen hanging truss
    The screen hanging LED truss in the picture is a combination of truss systems and ball-oriented truss, which is used as a poster and video broadcast.
  • Hanging truss mountain
    The hanging LED truss in the picture is a fixed LED fixed aluminum truss, which is usually used as an advertising poster or a top of the building. There is a maintenance channel. It is a very strong and rugged structure and has wind resistance.
  • Background crane led truss
    Background Suspension LED truss is a truss structure for setting up the LED effect on the stage background.
  • Portable hanging trusse
    The portable suspension LED truss is a new product of aluminum truss, which is used to mount the LED wall on the ground. It has become more and more popular over the years.
  • Portable stage truss
    Portable Stage LED Truss is lightweight, easy to transport, and installed for LED installations.
  • Exhibition desk LED truss
    Display Stage LED Truss is a new design and trend truss system for securing the LED screen on the ground.
  • Aluminum Totem Pillar Hanging Led Truss
    The Aluminum Totem Pillar Hanging Led Truss in the main photo is a Totem truss for hanging TV screens for on-site performance.
  • Wall-mounted truss
    Wall-mounted LED truss is used to install the LED wall for activity or party decoration.
  • New Design Aluminum Portable Mobile Led Stack Truss with Wheels
    New Design Aluminum Portable Mobile Led Stack Truss with Wheels
    this is an upgraded rolling led stack truss, it fits with 4 inches casters to the led stack truss.
    it enables the truss system to move on wheels.
  • Aluminum Spigot Jumbo Truss for Large Event Concert
    the aluminum spigot jumbo truss is an excellent choice for large event concerts. Its strength, adaptability, portability, and aesthetic appeal make it the preferred truss system for event organizers. With its numerous advantages, this truss system ensures the safety, efficiency, and overall success of any large event concert.
  • Mount Hanging Led Truss
    Mount Hanging Led Truss in the picture is a fixed aluminum truss to mount Led, it is usually used as advertisement poster on a building fron or top, it has inner access for maintenance. it is a very strong and solid structure and wind-resist.
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