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Led Truss

  • Mount Hanging Led Truss
    Mount Hanging Led Truss in the picture is a fixed aluminum truss to mount Led, it is usually used as advertisement poster on a building fron or top, it has inner access for maintenance. it is a very strong and solid structure and wind-resist.
  • Video Hanging Led Truss
    Video Hanging Led Truss in the picture we call it goal post, it is a main truss product used to hang LED screen.
  • Display Hanging Led Truss
    Display Hanging Led Truss in the picture is a gentry truss, it is typical example show how to use LED truss to hang TV display screen
  • Screen Hanging Led Truss
    Screen Hanging Led Truss in the picture is a combination of truss system and goal post truss, it is used as a poster and video broadcast.
  • Background Hanging Led Truss
    Background Hanging Led Truss is a truss structure used to set led for the stage background to give grand effect.
  • Bar Hanging Led Truss
    Bar Hanging Led Truss in the main photo is a totem truss to hang TV screen to give live show.
  • Portable Hanging Led Truss
    Portable Hanging Led Truss is a new product of aluminum truss to mount Led wall on the ground, these years , it become more and more popular.
  • Wall Hanging Led Truss
    Wall Hanging Led Truss is used to install Led wall for event or party decoration.
  • Portable Stage Led Truss
    Portable Stage Led Truss is lightweight and portable, it is easy to transport and install for LED mounting.
  • Display Stage Led Truss
    Display Stage Led Truss is a new design and trend truss system to hold LED screen from ground.

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