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Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding
We have an excellent technical team to produce single mobile scaffolding, double mobile scaffolding and folding mobile scaffolding .

in our dragon stage company, there are many kinds of scaffolds in the market for scaffoldbuilder to choose. while, how to choose right scaffoldings for their scaffoldinglife is a big question for scaffolder.

normally, the scaffold for scaffoldworker or scaffolders dividedy by scaffolding material and scaffoldboard, it can be divided into aluminum scaffolding and steel/iron scaffolding.

in daily life, we call mobile scaffolding means aluminum scaffolding. they also can be used for construction work like ringlock scaffold. and alu scaffolding is totally DIY and it is a kind of diytools for event planners.

aluminum scaffolding means the scaffold aluminium made, and aluminum mobile scaffolding is widely used in different places with aluminum truss beam as bridge and aluminum platform to give sturdy working platform in scaffolding system of a high aluminum tower.

nowadays, the aluminum mobile scaffoding has been developed into folding aluminum scaffolding with aluminum stair, which is a new customized aluminum scaffolding with smart aluminum scaffolding parts, with the help and inventions of them, the aluminum scaffolding tower can be easily built with aluminum scaffolding planks in a aluminum scaffolding system for construction work, and it has wheels to move from place to place.



Knowleges About Our Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding
technical articles about our single mobile scaffolding, double mobile scaffolding and folding mobile scaffolding.
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features of aluminum mobile scaffolding

Aluminum alloy scaffolding in the environment of prosperous construction production, in line with the local policy implementation standards, in line with the safety department of the audit standards, in line with the construction standards of the building materials industry is particularly important

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Aluminum alloy scaffold safety operation precautions

With the continuous advancement and development of technology, aluminum alloy materials widely used in high-strength use are widely used in today's production and life. Aluminum alloy fast-moving scaffolding is divided into several, which can be divided into: 1. Single-wide feet 3. Single-wide feet 3. The main features of the two-wide feet portable fast-moving scaffolding: 1. Aluminum alloy material strength, The payload is large and safe and reliable. 2. The material is light, and its weight is about 1 / 3.3 for other traditional steel scaffolds. It is simple to build, fast installation, and speed is more than 10 times more of ordinary steel foot holders. For example, it is necessary to build a 20-meter steel scaffolding, more than 6 hours can be completed. Aluminum alloy fast-built scaffolding has the same height, only 3 people can be completed and do not require any other special tools. 4. Easy to move, reduce the second disassembly work within the construction site. 5. Both indoors

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What are the specifications of aluminum scaffolding?

aluminum scaffolding specification Information1. Name: aluminum scaffolding, quick-mounting aluminum scaffolding, door-type aluminum scaffolding2. total Specification: 2000mm*1350m/2500mm*1350m/3000mm*1350m ; 2000mm*750m/2500mm*750m/3000mm*750m3. Material quality: aluminum alloy 6061-T64. Tube diame

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what are characteristics of aluminum mobile platform/mobile scaffolding

2. Process characteristics of aluminum alloy mobile platform/mobile scaffolding1. Fast installation and disassembly: aluminum alloy material is light in weight and high in strength. Both ends of the cross bar and diagonal bar are connected by spring buckles, which has good overall stability, and the

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what are ​tips or suggestions for using an aluminum mobile scaffolding

tips or suggestions for using an aluminum mobile scaffolding1. Check that all components are on the working position and ensure that the structure is good2. Check whether the ground meets the conditions for tower construction and movement3. It is recommended to install temporary guardrails during to

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what are precausions for mobile scaffolding usage

1. Check before moving. During the movement, there are no obstacles on the ground, such as high-altitude obstacles such as building roof structure, cables and wires.2. The aluminum alloy tower is used at high altitude, and the wind factor plays a great role. In the appropriate wind environment, pay

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