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Lighting Truss

  • Q Sound Led Gentry Spigot Lighting Truss


    A sound led gentry spigot lighting truss is a type of truss system used in the entertainment industry for lighting and sound equipment support. The truss is made of aluminum tubing, which is strong and lightweight, and it is designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble.

    The "gentry" part of the name refers to the shape of the truss, which features two parallel tubes running lengthwise, with diagonal braces between them forming a triangular shape. This design provides excellent support for heavy lighting and sound equipment, while also allowing for maximum visibility for the audience.

    The "spigot" part of the name refers to the way the truss is assembled. Spigot connections are used to join the individual truss sections together, which are then secured in place with bolts. This method of assembly allows for a secure and rigid structure that can support heavy loads, while also being quick and easy to set up and take down.

    The "sound led" part of the name refers to the fact that the truss can be equipped with both lighting and sound equipment. LED lights can be mounted on the truss to create dynamic and colorful lighting effects, while sound equipment such as speakers and microphones can be suspended from the truss to provide clear and powerful sound.

    Overall, a sound led gentry spigot lighting truss is a versatile and reliable solution for staging events, concerts, and performances, providing a strong and stable structure for lighting and sound equipment while also enhancing the visual appeal of the show.

  • Q Custom Portable Outdoor Stage Truss


    A custom portable outdoor stage truss is a type of modular structure made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or steel, designed to support lighting, sound, and other equipment necessary for live performances or events. These trusses are engineered to withstand various weather conditions and can be easily assembled and disassembled, making them highly portable and versatile.

    Custom portable outdoor stage trusses can be designed to fit specific performance requirements, including the size of the stage, the weight capacity needed for equipment, and the overall design of the event. They can also be customized with a variety of features, including stairs, ramps, and platforms.

    One of the benefits of using custom portable outdoor stage trusses is their flexibility. They can be set up in different configurations to fit different venues or event spaces, and can be adjusted to accommodate different stage designs or lighting requirements. They can also be used for a variety of outdoor events, including music festivals, corporate events, and weddings.

    Another advantage of custom portable outdoor stage trusses is their durability. They are designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent assembly and disassembly, as well as exposure to the elements. This means that they can be used for multiple events over several years, making them a cost-effective investment for event planners and production companies.

    Overall, custom portable outdoor stage trusses provide a versatile and reliable solution for outdoor events, offering a customizable and durable structure for lighting, sound, and other equipment.

  • Q What is event trussing?


    Event trussing refers to the use of trusses to create a framework or structure to support various elements in events such as concerts, trade shows, exhibitions, and other large-scale events.

    Trusses are metal structures consisting of triangular units that are joined together to form a strong and stable framework. These units can be assembled in various configurations to create structures of different shapes and sizes.

    In the context of event trussing, trusses are often used to create structures such as stages, lighting rigs, sound systems, and other visual and audio elements that are critical to the success of an event. They provide a safe and stable platform for hanging equipment such as lights, speakers, and video screens, and can also be used to create decorative elements such as arches, entrances, and backdrops.

    Event trussing is an essential component of event planning and production and requires specialized skills and knowledge to ensure the safety and success of the event.

  • Q Can event truss be customized to fit a specific event theme or design?


    Yes, event truss can be customized to fit a specific event theme or design. Event truss is often made of modular components, such as pipes and connectors, that can be arranged in a variety of configurations to create custom structures.

    Customizing event truss can involve adding special features, such as additional corners, curves, or connection points, to create unique shapes and designs. Truss can also be powder-coated or painted in a variety of colors to match a specific event theme or branding.

    Additionally, truss can be used as a support structure for various decorative elements such as banners, fabric, or lighting elements, which can be designed to fit the specific event theme or design.

    Many event truss manufacturers and rental companies offer custom fabrication services that can help clients create a unique and tailored look for their events. With custom truss, event planners and designers have greater flexibility and creativity to create a truly unique and memorable event experience.

  • Q What is event truss?


    Event truss is a type of modular structure used in event production to create temporary frameworks for lighting, audio, video, and other equipment. It typically consists of lightweight aluminum or steel pipes and connectors that can be quickly assembled and disassembled to create custom structures of various shapes and sizes.

    Event truss is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating stages, backdrops, banners, and other visual displays. It can also be used for hanging lighting fixtures, speakers, and other equipment, providing a safe and secure way to suspend heavy items above the ground.

    Event truss is a popular choice for event planners and production companies because it is durable, easy to transport and store, and can be customized to fit a specific event theme or design. Additionally, it can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for efficient setup and teardown times.

  • Q Can I have custom steel layher truss for my events?

    A yes, as a steel layher truss production factory.
    we provide custom production.
  • Q can I have roof truss for my existing truss system

    A theoricially, we can produce roof truss as your existing truss system.
    while we need details of your truss dimensions and parts dimensions.
    roof truss sectional drawing for 7.5x7.5m truss system
  • Q how long of the hoist chain should I have for my truss pillar

    A normally the manual hoist chain is 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m.
    the hoist chain should be as long as the pillar height.
    Dragonstage shall custom make the chain length as your need without other charges.
  • Q what are the names of led ground truss parts

    A led ground truss parts diagram

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  • Q what is truss pillar

    A the truss pillar is a structural part of truss system. usually, it acts a supporting element to beam and roof frame. it need to bear nealy all weight of the whole structure. sometimes. people call it truss column.
    while, in morden times, the truss pillar acts a support for lighting or sound machines or other kinds of stage machines.
    for example, totem truss is decoration and supporting structure to hold lighting higher.
    PA truss tower is a complicate pillar item to hang speakers.
    even the LED truss, it usually has truss pillar to backing LED screen up.
  • Q what is layer truss

    A The Layer Truss is named after the invention of the German LAYHER company. Under normal circumstances, the Layer Truss can be used to build large stage lighting and sound backgrounds, and can also build bridges, large buildings, etc. Therefore, it is generally welded in the middle of a tube (upright column) with a disc. 
  • Q what is lighting truss

    A lighting truss is the key part of the stage truss system. lighting truss plays a vital role of the stage effects.
    lihgting truss has a very professional name in the whole stage structure.
    we call it aluminum Truss Frame. lighting truss is only a nick name for short.
  • Q how do you rig truss

    A there are many ways to rig truss, here we woule like to tell how do you rig truss in a basic way.

    1. attching 2 hoists on the a higher place
    2. give power to the hoists and lowing down the chain
    3. hook the truss at two ends of the truss
    4. hoisting the truss up to the right place
    5. fixed the truss in heights with clamps or other fixture.
  • Q stage truss systems for sale price

    A Dragon stage company is a professional stage truss systems manufacturer for nealy 15 years.
    we have some standard stage truss systems parts and component in stock for sale.
    if you want to see the prices, you can visit the page https://www.dragontruss.com/lighting-truss.htmland check "recommended products"
  • Q what is the folding truss CS104

    A folding truss CS104(1)
    secrtion : square 1040*590mm
    inclined tube: 50x2mm
    main tube: 50*4mm
    length: 1/2/2.5/3/4m
    brace: 50*3mm
    material : aluminum 6082-T6
  • Q what are standard length of aluminum lighting truss

    A the standard length of aluminum lighting truss are 1mter, 2 meter and 3 meter.
    custom length are welcome.

  • Q what is quick truss

    A quick truss feature solid conical connectors and tapered pins for an etremely fast, simple and secure assembly of structures.
    the quick truss system offers great weight loading capabilities despite its small size and light physical weight.
    it is ideal for retail, tradeshow and decorative applications.
    connection is fast and simple, using a conical connector system with pins and R-clips.
    quick truss is available in custom lengths and junctions , and can be curved.
  • Q what is book corner for the truss system

    A  book corner are the ideal and feature component to use for variable angular adjustment between 0 degree to 180 degree. the book corners are designed to use either femal receivers or half connectors bolted through the rigid aluminum hinge frames.
  • Q what is truss cubes or corners

    A multi-cubes are an extremely versatile alternative solution to standard welded junctions. the compact cube can easily be configured  from a simple 2-way junction up to a complex 6 way by adding female receivers in the appropriate face.
  • Q What are lighting truss applications?

    Lighting truss is very common and popular in stage building. it can be found in concerts, exhibits, stadiums, theatiers, arenas, touring productions, worshiphouse, theme parks, DJ bootjs, department stores, race finish lines, bars, tradeshows, towers, restuarants, TV studios, movie sets and so on.


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