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Summary of advantages of mobile aluminum scaffolding

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Summary of advantages of mobile aluminum scaffolding

Summary of advantages of mobile aluminum scaffolding

Mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding frames are widely used in the construction industry. They are often used as shelves and corridors for high-altitude operations. Sometimes they are also used as bridges and workbenches. If it is made of aluminum alloy: traditional multifunctional scaffolding has a mobile function, and it is made of steel pipe, while multifunctional aluminum scaffolding is most efficient and convenient. 

The mobile aluminum alloy multifunctional scaffold is made of T6-6061 material and has a folding function. In addition to the advantages of simple structure, stable force, safety and reliability, convenient storage, light weight, and convenient construction and disassembly, convenient movement is also a major feature. These advantages directly determine the progress of the construction operation and the time cost of the entire project for the workers on the construction site. It is suitable for the erection of various building structures.

The buckle-type multifunctional scaffolding can be used for heavy supports, such as bridge engineering, house decoration and decoration, and has two different processes: cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. Both processes can achieve the advantages of convenient disassembly and assembly, large carrying capacity, and economical benefits. Its service life can reach more than 20 years, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of construction accidents, and is deeply loved by rental commercial housing builders and others.

The use of scaffolding is related to the safety, quality and progress of the project. Quality inspection must be carried out before erection, and a specific erection plan must be formulated after the test report is available. The plan must meet the requirements of safety, rationality, erection speed, ease of use and other requirements; The installation of Dr. Ladder scaffolding needs to be operated by professional scaffolding workers, with a certificate, and non-special operators are not allowed to set up operations; it needs to be maintained during use, including parts and overall maintenance; clean it after use, Especially the cleaning of the scaffold board (pedal). The safety helmet must be worn correctly during the whole process. The operator should wear non-slip gloves, non-slip shoes and bring a safety tool bag.

Generally speaking, the mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding has the anti-corrosion function; long service life; low cost; high profit; large load and other advantages. It is an essential high-altitude operation equipment for engineering construction. In addition to pursuing functional diversity, safety performance cannot be ignored, and accessories cannot be reduced because of convenience. 

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