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What is lighting truss?

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What is lighting truss?

With the innovation of science and technology, increasingly more metal products are appearing in people's lives. Different kinds of metal products are of great significance to people's lives. The product we are introducing today is a type of truss, it is a lighting truss. Having said that, some people may not know what lighting trusses are. In this article, we will give a brief introduction to lighting trusses in relation to their applications and characteristics.


What is a lighting truss used for?

What are the advantages of lighting truss?

How to maintain a lighting truss?


What is a lighting truss used for?

As mentioned above, lighting trusses are a type of truss and our lighting trusses are mainly made of aluminium. It is mainly used in concerts, large parties, commercial events and in areas with high traffic. Its main function is to connect lighting equipment and thus add to the atmosphere of a stage event.


What are the advantages of lighting truss?

·Light weight

Aluminium is only about half the weight of conventional iron, which makes lighting trusses highly portable. As a result, it takes much less time and effort to transport the lighting trusses.


·High stability

When designing the lighting truss, we have strictly followed the principles of mechanics so that it does not fracture or deform plastically. In addition to this, sufficient demands have been made on it in terms of seismic and wind resistance.


·Highly customisable

Light trusses are available in a wide variety of styles and are highly customisable. We offer different sizes of lighting trusses for different usage scenarios.


In summary, the lighting truss has many advantages and it is simple to operate. In contrast to traditional lighting equipment, which is less versatile, has a more concentrated lighting area and is more technically troublesome to install. The use of lighting trusses not only reduces labour costs, but also saves installation time.


How to maintain a lighting truss?

·Avoiding knocks

The surface of the lighting truss is galvanized and its appearance is bright in colour. During transportation, the zinc will fall off if it is bumped. At the same time, this may also affect the stability of the aluminium trusses and thus their working life.


·Regular cleaning

It is very important to clean the surface of the truss regularly, do not use water to clean the surface of the lighting truss directly. As you should use a fine soft cloth, don't use too much force, you should wipe gently against foreign objects to reduce friction. In the meantime, neutral cleaning agents can be used to scrub.


·Safety hazards

The life span of a truss can exceed 10 years. As a type of stage truss, lighting trusses are used to support backdrops or lighting, etc. Lighting trusses are used frequently and damage is inevitable every time they are dismantled and installed. Therefore, we need to check the truss regularly and contact the manufacturer to replace it if it is found to be seriously damaged to avoid safety accidents.


The above are the considerations on the maintenance of the lighting truss. The lighting truss is a very widely used equipment and it can only prolong its service life by following the above suggestions. As a kind of aluminium alloy, we have to treat it in the same way as we maintain it. Besides, the types of lighting trusses vary according to size and dimensions, which need to be selected according to the user's usage scenario.

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