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How to build aluminum truss?

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How to build aluminum truss?

Aluminium trusses can be considered a very important modern facility and play a vital role in large events. Aluminium trusses have many advantages, being light, heavy-duty, and easy to move to any workplace. Aluminium trusses have become the first choice for large events. However, many people do not know how to install aluminium trusses properly. This article will focus on the correct steps and precautions for aluminium trusses installation.


What are the precautions before building aluminum truss?

How to operate the aluminum truss building?

How to choose a suitable aluminum truss?


What are the precautions before building aluminum truss?

Firstly, before installing the aluminium truss, make sure that the surface of all the components should be smooth and not rough, make sure to check the cutting and welding of the components, low quality aluminium truss usually has a poor surface treatment, for safety reasons, please do not use such aluminium truss.

Secondly, anti-rust treatment, structural parts should be sandblasted and anti-rust measures should be taken before painting, and all parts should be primed and topcoated according to equipment instructions.


How to operate the aluminum truss building?

The aluminium truss is a very light truss, it is half the weight of an iron truss. Therefore, the physical characteristics of aluminium trusses can save us a lot of time when it comes to transport and installation. When installing aluminium trusses, we should carefully follow the following steps.


The first step is to install the base, which is one of the most important parts of the aluminium truss. Clear the site according to the size of the required installation before installing the base. If there is any uneven area, first level it without any big ditch, measure the position of the column with a ruler, and mark it well. After installing the base, connect the base to the counter head. Fix the counterhead to the base with screws, taking care that the direction of rotation of the counterhead is the same as marked in the drawing. Next, attach the two ends of the crossbeam to the two square sleeves on each side, at this point the crossbeam section is assembled on the ground.


How to operate the aluminum truss building?


The main tube of high-quality aluminium truss has plugs welded on both ends, which will enhance the force strength of the truss itself. While poor-quality aluminium truss have empty ends of the main tubes, which are not strong enough and are prone to deformation when the ends are bumped.


There are many kinds of aluminium truss, including round, heart-shaped, rectangular, triangular, and other shapes. Besides, the size of aluminium truss can also be chosen according to the usage scenario.


These are the suggestions on the selection of aluminium trusses. When choosing the form of truss, the usage, material, supporting method, and construction conditions of the truss should be considered comprehensively, and the material and labor used for manufacturing and installation should be strived for the minimum while meeting the usage requirements. This not only reduces the labor cost but also enhances the working efficiency to a certain extent.

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