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How to assemble event truss?

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How to assemble event truss?

In modern society, there is a growing concern for the development of product quality. Due to the increase in the level of the industry, this has led to an increasing variety of equipment being produced by companies. The product we are introducing today is the event truss, a piece of equipment used to carry loads, often for outdoor events or where large parties are to be held. This article will explain the installation steps of the event truss and some precautions for the use of the event truss.


How is the event truss loaded?

Basic steps to build an event truss

Causes of failure in building event truss


How is the event truss loaded?

The unique and securely designed stage of the event truss not only provides a platform for various performances or merchandise displays but also gives a sense of ceremony to the event through its beautiful design.

Structurally, a truss is a geometrically invariable structure consisting of a number of triangular frames made up of straight rods. The axes of the rods that make up the truss and the external forces to which they are subjected are in the same plane. The joist members are mainly subjected to axial tension or pressure, thus making full use of the strength of the material, saving material, reducing self-weight, and increasing stiffness when the span is larger than that of a solid web beam, which is the load-bearing effect of the event truss.


Basic steps to build an event truss

First, the four bases are placed in their approximate positions on the ground. Then, attach the required crossbeams and connect the ends of the crossbeams to the two square sleeves on each side. Place the post trusses together slowly, taking care not to push on the posts too hard, and fix the screws above the post heads. As of now, the basic frame of the truss is complete and the next crucial step is to install the posts. A column is something that allows the object to act as a support and we can ensure the stability of the event truss by installing multiple columns.


Causes of failure in building event truss


The load capacity of event trusses is determined by size and length. The load capacity of the truss is within reasonable limits, if the load capacity of the event truss itself is exceeded by this specification, then a safety accident can easily occur.

·Quality issues

Quality issues can affect the overall stressing of the event truss. Choose a more formal stage truss manufacturer for production and ask them to issue a document with installation instructions, including suggested solutions and load-bearing, without changing the erection method at will.

·Environmental issues

The choice of event truss should be determined by the environment in which it is to be used. If the event truss needs to be installed outdoors, we need to consider wind, weather, and other unexpected conditions. If the event truss is to be installed indoors, the size and length of the event truss will need to be combined with the footprint and height of the interior.


These are the main factors that may affect the event truss. event trusses are not complicated to install, but we need to take safety into account first. In addition, our event trusses are available in a variety of shapes, including heart, standard, and cylindrical shapes, which need to be selected to suit the specific application.

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