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What is a Stage Truss?

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What is a Stage Truss?

Stage trusses can be used to set up lighting racks at a party, support a tent during a backyard wedding, and assist with the structural support for a booth at an event. It will significantly increase the cost of building a stage without trusses. A lot of time consumes a lot of resources, but it also delays everyone's rehearsal. This is why stage trusses play an essential role in any stage construction. Let's talk about what a stage truss is and how it is used.

What is a Stage Truss?

Trusses are stage equipment that consists of poles, columns, and other trusses that support lighting, screens, and other items. It is possible to connect the truss to create a structure that allows lighting, video, or audio equipment to be easily hung. It comes in multiple lengths that can be connected to create longer spans or different shapes.

A stage truss is typically formed by a box frame welded or bolted to other frames to create a stand. There are often noticeable trusses and lighting racks on stage when a performance is in progress. If you visited an outdoor concert, you are probably familiar with stage trusses suspended from above and along the sides of the stage. Indoor concertgoers may also see them over their heads due to the design of the interior room.

A stage truss can be permanently installed, such as in a theater. There are also portable trusses that are used in the outdoor theater.

Trusses play a crucial role in stage construction. When building a stage, it should be made where the truss can be seen frequently. Trusses can reduce construction time by more than half, and they can be built quickly and conveniently.

What is the Stage Lighting Truss made of?

Aluminum and steel are the most common materials used for stage lighting trusses.

Truss structures for stages, also known as aluminum stage trusses, are usually made from 6061-T6 aluminum through cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting, etc. The system is widely used for stage performances, exhibitions, exhibitions, celebrations of events, lighting and sound hanging, etc. There are some large, medium, and small truss systems with different specifications depending on the site. They can be combined flexibly according to the specific requirements.

An aluminum truss is ideal for concert or stage production since it is durable, lightweight, and easy to transport. Setup and teardown can be accomplished quickly and easily due to their weight.

When there is a need for high load ratings or permanent installations, a steel truss is an obvious choice. You should know your truss load ratings before installing your almunimum stage truss.

Final Words

Trusses now play an indispensable role in stage construction. Lighting Stage trusses are often used for stage exhibitions, lighting, and backdrops. The aluminum lighting stage truss is corrosion-resistant. In addition, it is pressure-resistant and has a long lifespan.

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