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what is rubber cable ramp and how to use it

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what is rubber cable ramp?

Rubber trunking board ramp also known as "rubber cable ramp, deceleration belt trunking, internal trough type deceleration belt, road arch trunking, bridge board", etc. 

Cable ramp is made of high-strength rubber or high-quality PVC, suitable for temperature from-32 to 65 degrees Celsius. the wire ramp is sturdy and durable, pressure-resistant and long-lasting life, it is less wear to the car, no noise, excellent shock absorption and pressure resistance.

Our rubber ramp Using standard yellow and black production technology. the color is bright, the color is distinct, and the logo is obvious. It has a high degree of visibility during the day or night, attracting drivers to pay attention to slowing down. It is especially suitable for temporary emergency applications in playgrounds, entertainment venues, sports events, exhibition halls, squares, and most public places, commerce, industry, and buildings. 

This plastic or rubber ramp is a quick and simple way to protect wires, cables and audio and video data lines. Provide a safe and stable passage to continuously protect the safety of various cables and pedestrians. Eliminate hidden safety hazards in announcements caused by exposed wires and cables on site. and maintain a clean and orderly environment for public activities. The optional elbow can make your protection circuit bend arbitrarily and extend in multiple directions.

features of protective cable ramp

The rubber trunking plate ramp is a structure of groove and cover buckling, and it is exposed to install outside when used. It is a cable safety protection product, which is developed and launched to meet the needs of convenient operation, to make the exposed cables neat and beautiful layout, and safe.

Rubber trunking boards are widely used in modern life. They are used to arrange and fix various wires, especially in technical fields such as electric power construction and building construction, which play an important role in safety and protection.

How to use rubber trunking ramp?

Installation skills: 

1. place the rubber trunking board along the cable path to the auxiliary equipment

2. open the cover and put the cables in the trunking in an orderly manner. 

3. After the cover is closed, vehicles and pedestrians can pass safely.

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