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November 26, 2021

The church is a major social gathering place. It hosts weddings, puts on plays, and even has youth groups. However, when you're in a smaller church, you might not feel like you have enough space to design a great stage. Here is the best way to build a small church stage. How to Build a Small Churc

November 23, 2021

Modern worship requires a versatile stage design. The stage design of contemporary church changes every few weeks, but portable churches only need simple, lightweight designs that last a couple of days. The versatility of the stage design may be just as important as the look and feel of it. Here are

November 20, 2021

The stage is the focal point of each church service. A stage is a necessity, whether it be in a small church or a large stage. A grand, spectacular stage commands the audience's attention as soon as they walk into the church.You can still have a magnificent church service, even if it takes place on

November 18, 2021

Most people think that flight cases are only special packaging tools for people to go out and store objects. In fact, they are not. With the continuous development trend in the field of flight cases in recent years, flight cases have become more systematic in terms of versatility. Many types of flig

November 26, 2021

As a key special tool for road transportation, flight case buckles are also diversified, but styles change, and the overall materials and characteristics of flight case buckles are no more than common types. Let’s take a look at the air box buckle below!1. The material of the air box buckle: There a

November 23, 2021

The use of the flight case brings a lot of convenience. In the past, many companies always had some worries when consigning valuable products, fearing that the goods would collide during transportation. The flight case is well done in terms of firmness, avoiding cargo damage caused by collision. Man

November 16, 2021

How to identify the quality of plastic flight cases? There are many types of flight cases on the market, which will confuse many consumers when they buy, and they don't know from which aspects to consider flight cases. Therefore, the plastic flight case manufacturer is here to provide you with some

September 17, 2021

If your venue has a swimming pool, you would like to include swimming activities in your plans. However, if your plans do not include swimming, a pool absorbs many real estate, which you might use for other purposes. There comes a pool cover in the game. A cover is a temporary floor that you can ins

August 07, 2021

How to build a stage platformmany people want to know " How to build a stage platform", especially for those new client who intend to build a stage for their use.for this question, as a stage manuafacturer we usually shall ask, " what kind of stage do want to build?"many people shall be startled, be


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