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how to make scenery for the stage play

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how to make scenery for the stage play

It is obvious that stage sets like those in Illus would be unsatisfactory for stage scenes laid in modern living rooms. But you may not realize that you cannot design a"living-room set"and expect it to suit any stage play which calls for a living room, Actually,each set must be designed for a particular scene in a partiular play on a stage. 

The better it suits that play, the less likely it is to work for any other play.

The Set as a Machine.

Although a stage set like the one in Illus might provide an appro- priate background for a cerfain play,directors and actors would find it a problem.There is hardly room for the actors to move,and almost any group they form would be both ineffective and unnatural. The revised version in Illus with details and descriptions is much more practical. You can learn a great deal about stage scene design by making a detailed comparison of the plans in Illus.4 and Illus.5.

Think of each play setting as a kind of machine devised to make the action of the stage play appear easy and natural. Every play requires a diferent arrangement. The plans for interiors set, but neither would fit the action of the play for which the other was designed.

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