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July 03, 2021

generally in the party stage, the design of the big screen basically divided into three kinds: According to the frame of the stage with LED screen as the main is quite common to set up a stage with light position around each unit screen. The stage frame with overall depth of the stage is se

June 22, 2021

how to hang lighting truss from ceilingIn fact, there are mainly two kinds of ceiling you may need to consider how to hang lighting truss. So different ceiling you need different way to hang lighting truss from the ceiling.the first kind of ceiling is those who has visible steel (or other building m

June 12, 2021

Aluminum alloy scaffolding in the environment of prosperous construction production, in line with the local policy implementation standards, in line with the safety department of the audit standards, in line with the construction standards of the building materials industry is particularly important

June 12, 2021

With the increasing number of various types of activities, the demand for stage building services is also increasing. Stage installations mainly involves the following frequent ask questions:(1) Stage size; (2) Stage aesthetics; (3) Stage safety; (4) Stage height.

June 12, 2021

Stage has been used in all kinds of activities, and building a good stage represents the activity has been half the success. So how do you stage an event? What problems should we pay attention to in stage design? Shenzhen ten thousand tide media can help you answer:1. Be realisticWhat the designer o

June 05, 2021

The computer-controled moving head beam lamp in the application of stage lighting, occupies an important position, the computer moving head beam lamp installation position is appropriate, in the whole performance, there will be a prominent stage effect, the following for you to introduce the compute

June 05, 2021

Light hooks are often used for projects such as virtual studio lighting or campus TV lighting or stage lighting. So how to choose the lamp hook? What are your specific requirements?The first is load-bearing. Studio lights sometimes meet high-power spotlights and flat lamps. For the sake of safety, t

June 02, 2021

1) Before use, thoroughly check the scaffold that has been built to ensure that all assembly instructions are followed and that the parts of the scaffold are not damaged. 2) Only climb the scaffold when the scaffold has been leveled and all casters and adjusting legs have been fixed. 3) Do not move

June 02, 2021

7 m aluminum alloy scaffolds must be inspected by qualified personnel before they are used. If there are any material additions, removals or changes, they should also be inspected. All aluminium scaffolding safety items should be checked. The inspection shall include:1) Check whether it is vertical


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