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December 02, 2021

Whether at home or in church, Christmas is a time for decorations. In other words, we need to let our creative juices flow. Even though there's no hard and fast rule to decorate the church for Christmas, many people prefer to follow the tradition. Even a small church needs an impressive stage for Ch

December 05, 2021

The application of plastic flight cases has produced a lot of convenience. In the past, many companies would have some anxiety when they had to haul precious commodities. They were afraid that the objects would be bumped during the transportation process. However, the flight case did a very good job

December 03, 2021

Along with the continuous development trend of high-tech, the luggage and leather industry field also continues to expand. More and more industries need high-end luggage and leather goods, and more high-end technology and countermeasures are required in the entire process of application and transpor

November 24, 2021

flightcase manufacturers: the comaprison of flight case and ordinary trolley caseFirst, the size is different, the general trolley case is not large in size, no more than 20×40×55 cm, and the flight case is generally about 1 meter in length according to different designs.Second, the load-bearing cap

November 26, 2021

1. It is suggested that before every storage of leather products, it should be used to remove dust. For general skin products, it is better to go through the skin maintenance oil first, first wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth, and then scrub the surface evenly to prevent the oil from being wiped

November 18, 2021

The stage equipment flight case is a small box for professional audio equipment, etc. The outside is a special template, and the periphery is wrapped with aluminum alloy profiles. Generally, the small box is all double-layer wood board with a layer of EVA cotton in the middle. It is very easy to loa

November 18, 2021

The flight case belongs to one of the types of aluminum cases and there are many types. The flight case is a luggage leather goods that fills the taste of the journey. A good air luggage leather goods should have the following characteristics:1. Support rod:The support rod is as critical as the movi

November 16, 2021

Plastic flight case in foreign trade mainly have these kinds of requirements for glue. Temperature resistance. When exporting, they are generally shipped by ship. The transportation cycle is one month or several months. The temperature of the container is higher than 80 degrees.2. Environmental pro

November 17, 2021

There are several reasons for shipping with flight cases:1. Large volume. Generally speaking, the Led screen shell that can be used for transportation in the flight case must be assembled long ago, with a large volume, and the size of the flight case is tailor-made for the shell, and one flight case


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