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how to install aluminum scaffolding safely

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how to install aluminum scaffolding safely

1. When using aluminum alloy scaffolding, you must ensure that the foundation is flat to ensure that the foundation can withstand the pressure of the scaffold. When the foundation is uneven, the aluminum alloy scaffolding casters should be adjusted to make the entire tower horizontal.

2. Aluminum scaffolding is lighter in weight, so be careful not to expose it to strong winds, gusts or moderate breeze.

3. Workers must wear safety belts during construction and high-altitude work. Please install safety nets around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and hurting others.

4. Check carefully before setting up, and do not use problematic aluminum scaffolding, especially deformed and unusable aluminum scaffolding.

5. When climbing, people should crawl inside the aluminum scaffolding. It is strictly forbidden to crawl outside the aluminum scaffolding to prevent the aluminum scaffolding from tilting. When using Kongda aluminum scaffolding alone, oblique supports or attachments must be installed and installed in accordance with regulations.

6. It is forbidden to exceed the marked load-bearing mass during operation. Aluminum scaffolding is marked with load-bearing capacity at the position of the platform slab, please pay attention to it.

7. aluminum alloy scaffolding is conductive, avoid close to live places.

8. Aluminum-alloy scaffolding platform is generally set aside 1 meter high as a safety guardrail, and it is strictly forbidden to work on the top.

9. Pay attention to safety during use, and it is strictly forbidden to play around on the tower to prevent accidents.

10. When removing the aluminum alloy scaffolding after use, it should be completely inspected before removing it. The disassembly should be done in order from top to bottom. After disassembly, the components and accessories are sorted and stored to facilitate the next use.

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