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Why do people choose an aluminum truss rather than iron truss

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Why do people choose an aluminum truss rather than iron truss

Aluminum truss is an important structural material in the activity phase and plays an important role in truss engineering. Most importantly, in all events (especially on the stage), security is the most important, so the quality of the truss is key.

Why do you have more and more event organizers and truss rentals to choose an aluminum truss rather than iron truss?

Here, I collected some information and summarized its advantages in the following aspects:

1. Aluminum truss has excellent corrosion resistance and durability

Compared with traditional stage materials such as iron, the aluminum truss is made of 6061-T6 industrial aluminum, with excellent anti-corrosion resistance, service life than the rack length. Typically, aluminum set truss systems can use approximately 10 to 20 years.

2. Aluminum truss has excellent pressure resistance

The aluminum truss itself is well worker, its load and pressure resistance are very good. The aluminum truss can withstand weights of more than 600 kg. It fully meets the needs of large lighting audio equipment such as various performance stage construction and celebration stage construction. Moreover, it can customize any truss types that are designed and manufactured into truss companies, such as roof truss, round truss, heart truss, dome truss, and the like.

3. Aluminum truss quality, light weight

The aluminum truss is made of aluminum allies, which is more than traditional rail truss, reducing the burden on stage building business that relies on manual operations, so the stage hoisting and stage construction process and transport will save a lot of cost and labor. Stage project.

4. Aluminum truss is silver white

Typically, aluminum truss is used in concerts, weddings, indoor party, events, gatherings and gatherings, etc., people feel very picky to the aesthetics, compared with brown and gray iron, the aluminum truss is more modern. White and smooth shape.

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