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What should I pay attention to when setting up a concert stage?

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What should I pay attention to when setting up a concert stage?

Staging is an essential piece of equipment for modern art exhibitions. Staging has a wide range of applications and is very diverse and can play a vital role in artistic performances. The product we are introducing today is the concert stage and some advice and precautions regarding the use of concert stages will be mentioned in this article.


·What are the precautions for setting up a concert stage?

·Market demand for concert stage design

·The role of stage trusses.


What are the precautions for setting up a concert stage?

·Defining the stage style

Set design is a complex and comprehensive task, often involving architecture, materials, lighting, technology, and aesthetics. Its style and form are crucial to production and can fundamentally influence the style and style of a musical. Therefore, when choosing the type of concert stage, it is important that the set is chosen according to the style and selection of the concert stage.


·Determining the height of the stage

As concert stages can be used indoors or outdoors. Generally, hotels or ordinary indoor areas have a certain height limit. A stage that is too high will cause the people on stage to be too close to the roof, which makes it easier to feel oppressed and unnegotiated. This is why indoor concert stages are generally too high, while outdoor concert stages are the opposite.


·Shipping Notes

As the concert stage contains aluminium alloy, it is best to store it at room temperature, away from acidic and alkaline substances, to avoid rusting of the concert stage components.


These are the things to note about concert stages. Concert stages are used in a wide range of applications and have a range of characteristics such as high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and novel structure. Be sure to determine the shape and size before purchasing. Generally speaking, the stage with greater atmospheric impact is the T-stage.


Market demand for concert stage design

·Adding to the stage atmosphere

The addition of the T-stage and round stage gives the stage a deeper, more three-dimensional feel, bringing it closer to the audience and facilitating interaction, as well as providing a convenient way to incorporate some catwalk performances into the show.



Generally speaking, concert stages need to have a long lifespan. Repeated use of the stage has high demands on the quality of the product and the environment in which it is used, and the durability of a concert stage determines safety.


These are the main requirements for stage design, where innovative thinking needs to be taken into account to enhance the interactivity of the performance work and create the best possible entertainment atmosphere for the whole venue. In terms of quality, the Dragon Stage has strict control over each stage, making each stage have a service life of more than 10 years.

The role of stage trusses. 

The stage truss is a kind of truss, and the escort of the truss undoubtedly provides a lot of convenience for people's life and production. The use of stage trusses enlivens the atmosphere of the stage and brings the audience closer to the stage.

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