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What scenes are stage trusses applied to?

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What scenes are stage trusses applied to?

Commercial activities are everywhere, and as economic development continues, various cultural activities, as well as commercial promotion and publicity activities, are being increased. With the expansion of the scale of such commercial activities, the use of stage trusses is also increasing. For any stage, stage trusses play a vital role. However, many people are unaware of the importance of stage trusses. This article will provide a brief analysis and introduction to stage trusses in relation to their functions and application scenarios.


The main function of stage trusses

Where can stage trusses be applied?

What are the precautions before buying a stage truss?


The main function of stage trusses

·Provide load capacity

The advantage of trusses is that the bars are mainly subjected to tension or pressure, allowing the full use of the material and reducing the weight of the structure. Therefore, load capacity is a basic requirement for designing stage trusses.

·To enhance the stage atmosphere

When designing stage trusses, we take into account the aesthetic design. Compared to aluminium trusses, our aluminium alloy is more according to aesthetics. The use of stage trusses will not bring a sense of incongruity to the stage and can also enhance the opportunity for interaction between stage performers and the audience.


In short, stage trusses are an indispensable part of the modern stage and it would be a pity to have a show without them. In addition, when choosing the form of truss, the use of the truss, the stage scene, the support method, and the construction conditions should be taken into consideration.


Where can stage trusses be applied?

·Commercial Events

Trusses are a very groundbreaking form of display for traditional corporate displays. It can be erected in outdoor venues, which means that it is more attractive to passers-by for events, thus playing a promotional role.

·Stage performance

For stage performances, stage trusses can be used as movers to help create an atmosphere on stage. With its flexibility and convenience, the truss stage has won the praise of the majority of users.


Stage trusses are used in a wide range of applications. Stage trusses are generally used for outdoor and indoor conference background production and construction, stage construction, fashion show stage, and various large parties. The shape of the truss is round, triangular, etc., which is beautiful and can make the booth have a transparent effect and a strong artistic sense.


What are the precautions before buying a stage truss?

Considering the load capacity and force area of the truss, each size of the truss has a corresponding load range, which will be affected by the span and material, exceeding the load capacity of this size of the stage truss itself will affect the use of the truss. Therefore, when purchasing a stage truss, you need to keep your choice based on the load capacity range. In addition, there is a wide variety of truss shapes, which is a factor to be considered before purchasing.

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