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What is the difference between aluminum truss and bolt/ spigot truss?

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What is the difference between aluminum truss and bolt/ spigot truss?

What is the difference between aluminum truss and bolt/ spigot truss?

Aluminum truss has been widely used in performances, weddings, exhibitions and various ceremonies in recent years. Because of its wide application range, high safety performance, convenient installation and disassembly, beautiful appearance and simple later maintenance, it has been applied by performance companies, exhibition companies, hotels, schools, governments and other units all over the country.

Aluminum truss can be divided into aluminum screw truss and aluminum bolt / spigot truss from its structure. At present, for domestic performance companies with aluminum trusses, leasing companies generally buy aluminum screw trusses. With people's attention to performance culture and the continuous development of stage truss market, there are higher and higher requirements for the rapidity of stage equipment construction. World exhibitors believe that aluminum bolt trusses will slowly replace aluminum screw trusses.

The characteristics of screw aluminum truss and quick plug truss are analyzed as follows:

1) Screw type aluminum alloy truss is assembled with all screw structures, which has high labor cost, but simple structure and good bearing.

2) Screw type aluminum alloy truss has been verified in the market, and customers generally recognize and accept the structural concept of screw truss.

1) When installing the bolt truss, the bolt is directly used for direct docking, which is simple and convenient, greatly saves the labor cost and improves the work efficiency. An activity can be easily and quickly built and disassembled.

2) The latch rack has beautiful appearance and strong bearing capacity. The purchase cost of the latch rack on the market is higher than that of the screw aluminum rack. However, the world exhibition adopts assembly line production, takes the lead in adopting advanced equipment and trained staff, and effectively improves the production principle of precision and meticulous latch rack itself. All accessories are produced by the company itself, which greatly reduces the cost control of peers due to the external processing of precision parts, Thus reducing the cost of its own products. We only need to purchase accessories separately. It only takes 2-3 days to customize. It is the consistent pursuit and purpose of our people to easily and quickly complete the products you need, ensure your product quality and improve service.

In addition, the plug-in aluminum light truss is a new type of aluminum alloy light frame, which is a product created by the higher pursuit of the traditional screw aluminum alloy light frame. It has the advantages of beauty, firmness and durability, convenient and fast assembly and other advantages. The commonly used accessories are square sleeve, square head, base, support, cross arm, hanging hoist and reverse head. Aluminum spigot light trussadopts high-quality aluminum alloy welding, which combines the characteristics of beauty, firmness, durability, generosity and convenience. The plug-in aluminum alloy light frame can be customized according to customer requirements.

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