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What are the types of aluminum truss?

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What are the types of aluminum truss?

As the metalworking industry matured, different forms of metal products began to appear. Aluminium products, for example, have become one of the most utilised metals thanks to their excellent physical properties. The product we are going to introduce today is one of these aluminium products and it is the aluminium truss. This article will give a brief analysis and introduction to aluminium trusses. At the same time, the common types of aluminium truss will also be mentioned.


The common types of the aluminum truss

The characteristics of aluminum truss

The difference between quality aluminum trusses and poor quality aluminum trusses


The common types of the aluminum truss

·Triangular trusses

The triangular truss is the most common type of aluminum truss. Triangular trusses are mostly used in tiled roofs due to the large difference in internal forces of the chords and the lack of reasonable material consumption. The working principle of the triangular joist is that the axial force of the upper and lower chords is maximum at the endpoint and decreases towards the middle of the span through the load, while the axial force of the webs is the opposite.

·Trapezoidal Joist

Trapezoidal trusses are also a common type of aluminum truss. Trapezoidal trusses can be used for certain process requirements in industrial plants. Compared to triangular trusses, the bar forces are improved and can be used more easily in roof framing. The trapezoidal joist has a better load-bearing situation.


In addition to the above-mentioned trusses, common rate trusses include rectangular trusses, polygonal trusses, and our rate truss product also includes heart trusses. In terms of functional classification, rate trusses can also be classified as lighting trusses, stage trusses, led trusses, event trusses, and so on. The sizes and lengths of these trusses vary greatly and need to be selected according to your needs.


The characteristics of aluminum truss


Aluminum trusses are half the weight of traditional iron trusses, which is one of the biggest advantages of aluminum products. This also means that aluminum trusses are easy to transport and can reduce the cost of manual transport to a certain extent.


The aluminum surface is glossy, easy to color, and prints well. This also allows the aluminum truss to have a brightly colored surface that can be used in a variety of environments without creating a sense of incongruity to the environment.

·High safety

The material factors of aluminum profiles result in a high level of fire and explosion resistance. At the same time, aluminum trusses are highly durable, as aluminum profiles are one of the less oxidizable components of the metal composition and have a long service life. Generally speaking, our aluminum trusses can last for more than 15 years.


These are the main advantages of aluminum trusses, as aluminum is a fine-looking and malleable metal, which is what makes our aluminum trusses possess so many advantages. What's more, our products are made to strict workmanship standards to ensure that our customers have a great shopping experience


The difference between quality aluminum trusses and poor quality aluminum trusses

The quality of aluminum joists can be judged from the surface of the product. High-quality aluminum joists are well welded and dimensionally accurate, and there are no poor connections between any of the components. In contrast, most of the poor quality aluminum joists have a rough surface and are dark and dull in color, and most of them are irregular in shape.

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