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Types and uses of indoor stage lights

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Types and uses of indoor stage lights


The top position of the auditorium outside the scene outside the stage. The light is projected from the front to the front performance area, and the light position of the actor face is light. It can achieve universal brightness and eliminate \"dead angles \" in the picture. It also adjusts the light ratio, increases or decreases the contrast to show a balanced role to avoid undefficate insufficient. However, if such light is not used with the light of other light positions, the adjustment is no brightness hierarchy and three-dimensional sensation, thereby appearing, so it can only be used as basic lighting, basic tones, not as main tasks on the stage, Can't be a tool for the image of the main light and sculpture. The lamp should be selected a good performance.

The cloth law is generally divided into parallel projection or left and right cross-projections.

Side low surface

Also known as chaouting, the light set in the front end of the auditor's seat, with the lighting can increase the overall brightness of the front of the stage, use the floodlight to illuminate the stage and close the stage of the stage, chaling the platform can be broadcast for television And the report of the meeting news provides auxiliary lighting, and the light is projected from both sides and low positively in the stage performance area, which is a supplement to the surface.

This cloth will make the face of the actor is almost entirely flat, while the actor also tends to be combined with the background and cannot be worked. As it is, this is an unimportant brunette angle. However, despite this, it is also useful in front side. For example, an actor has a face that is deeply trapped, and it may be uncomfortable if it looks from 45 degrees. If you can't carefully use a lower light-rated vote to make up for too strong shadows.

Light (outside the outer light)

The light is inverted from the side to the stage performance area, respectively, called left and right ear. To enhance the three-dimensional feeling of characters and scenes, form the illumination effect of the front side, resulting in a concessional plastic effect. If the right fit with the dark portion, it can achieve a rich and powerful modeling.

The perspective of the human perspective is the most sensitive to the light of the side, the side light is an important tool for the main light of the character and the scenery of the light; the shape is mainly, the lighting is supplemented. In order to achieve vertical lighting, the horizontal is not less than 2 lights. . When two rows of light color, the same light color is simultaneously projected, and the light position is usually mainly based on the projection of the high-light region, and the position of low position is usually mainly based on the projected light region.

The slave lamp can also be placed in the ear chamber. The ear chambers should not interfere with the viewer and do not block the viewer viewing line, and the light axis of the lamp extends to the horizontal sheet of the performance area projected and the horizontal clip formed in the stage center axis. The angle should not be more than 45 °, the slave chamber does not block the viewer's sight, so that the front view of the standing audience can see the sides of the desk, and does not affect the sound of the terminator.

Table side light (column light)

The column light is to make up the light, the lack of light, and select a suitable luminaire can also be used as a close-distance chasing, and hide a row of effect lights at the building desk, providing a more flexible manifestation means for the inner lighting effect.

On both sides of the stage platform, the lamp is installed on the \"telescopic activity platform \" or in the\"vertical iron pipe \", \"fixed iron frame \", stage fake terms (upper tablets) The lighting bridge is provided, and the side sheet is provided with a side light position (column light).

The arrangement and projection method of the luminaire is basically the same as the ear.

Side Bridge Side (Cage Light, Bridge Light)

The bridge side light is located on the three-layer bridge on both sides of the stage, or the entire side facade lamp from the 1st floor of the bridge to the near-stage ground, is known to \"Sky Bridge Side\". Abbreviation \"Bridge Light \", \"Inner Side Light \",\"Side Light \", there is a\"cage light \" or installed on the hung ladder \"ladder light \".

The lighting task of the sky bridge side light is basically consistent with the requirements of the door side, and is connected. There are three ways to use: projection backwards, projections to this region, projected forward. The bridge side light is stronger than the shape of the character and stereoscopic. Contemporary Tianda Side Number Takes vertical lighting, high lamp positions, low light spaces.

The position of the side light is formed from the subject, from the viewer location to form 90 °. This light position can protrude the surface structure of the object; resulting in an object, or a character facial effect into a small and dark. This projected light can give people strong morphology; and give persistent and powerful feelings.

Modifications from single or bilaterality, can emphasize, protrude the profile of the side, suitable for exemplification, portraits, etc.

Single side may express yin and yang on a strong effect.

The bilateral light can exhibit a cleaner light having a personalized feature, but it is necessary to adjust the light ratio of the front auxiliary light to the side light to obtain a relatively complete modeling effect.

Ground side light (flow light)

It is known that the flow light is a motorized light on the stage, which is usually used in conjunction with the skylight side of the stage or as a styling light. The light utilization is very high, and the ability to shape is strong. The position of the flow light is from the angle of the actor, from the viewer location, forming 90 °. This light has achieved the surface structure of the object, forming the object and the facial effect of the character into a simple and dark, and the projected light has strong shape, giving people persistent, powerful feelings.

Top light

The top light is a vertical light from the top, which is not suitable for shooting the character. Such a light position, such as using the astigmatic lamp to add soft paper or yarn, become soft light, to the scene to be used in general illumination, can serve as a base light, it can give the scenery, props, the ground with a uniform illuminance, and can Appropriate weakening or eliminating the messy shadow caused by other light positions.

A light-specific boom is typically placed in a longitudinal depth of the stage boom, and the power supply is sagged from the stage ceiling. There is a row of the cable in the middle of the boom, and the luminaire is hanging on the lower side of the boom.

The spotlights on the top of the curtain, generally mounted on the lifted lighting bridge and the light-specific boom, mainly projected from the middle of the stage, and the rear performance area. The lights in the boom are installed on the stage, and the lamps are placed on the boom, two top light, three light, etc.

Among them, the top of the desktop is located on the main position behind the building, also known as \"one light \", \"pseudo-Taiwan top light \". The main role is to perform the frontal lighting position of the rear area, the basic cloth light should be connected to the surface. The cloth method is also unified with the surface light. The lamp is also equipped with special lighting of the performance area, such as focus light, stunt light, chasing light, etc.

The top of Le Pool is located vertically downwardly downwardly from the top of the Le Pool. When the music pool is raised, it becomes a stage performance lighting, which is not suitable for use alone, and should cooperate with the front side.

Foot light

The light mounted on the outer labial lip portion, the light is projected from the platen upward on the scene of the actor face or the lattice of the lighting. A strip floodlight or low angle spotlight is generally selected.

Before the electro-optic source has not introduced the theater, the light source such as oil lamp, candle, gas lamp is mounted on the Taiwan lip surface as the main light position of performance lighting, or it is also a lighting position that appears in the early mirror frame. The role of contemporary platform is not a simple illumination performance, which can make up for the face shadow that the actor activity is over-steep, helping to weaken or eliminate; opera, dance performance can use foot light illumination Department, the costumes of the characters, the dances are helpful, and the Chinese traditional opera performance is still widely applied to improve the brightness of the stage, so that the actor is smoked, and the clothing is even more distinct. The flat-faceted or spray decoration of the performance of the front area can also take advantage of the table foot light (spotlight or astigmatism); the ternary foot is usually very good.

It can be used to create an atmosphere of the Chinese horrible, to get a terrible horrible feeling, the shape is ugly, the face will be obese and bloated. Such light efficiency is rich in artificial traces, sometimes the feeling of doing. It is generally not suitable for use separately, unless special environment and special requirements. However, in some case, the photographic light and background light efficiency is often used, such as the lower light of the sky with foot light.

Reverse light

The rear of the actor is backlit, the beam falls to the head and shoulders of the actor, which can create an actor protruding from its background, like a glutinous effect. (Can Lenovo Small refreshing self-contained cataract results)

The light relative to the viewer position is sufficiently reflected in 180 °. This light is often used to express the silhouette effect of the object or character. The general use of backlight is the outline of the contour line, separating the subject or character with the background, causing a sense of space, and the picture effect is not dull, and has a vibrant feel.

The light intensity of backlight is stronger than the front, otherwise it will not be effective, and most of the concentrating light species having high luminous efficiency is selected.


Also known as background light, divided into two types of flare light and ground. The projections have been certified, anti-varying and positive anti-investment.

The sky is light, from the top of the next day, generally in the boom, a few sets of large power floodlights. Some fixed configurations of several colors (such as dark blue, green, green, light blue, purple, etc.), some according to the needs of the play. The sky-screen top light in the large and medium-sized theater is in the form of a hanging bridge, and there is a large amount of floodlights in the bridge, while also equipped with a slide show and special effects in the suspension bridge.

The luminaire is used in a strip-shaped lamp or a single lamp, which can be equipped with a row, two rows, and the upper and lower layers can be divided into the upper and lower layers. Its lighting requirements are very uniform, which is a special lighting as a sky set.

Siltering, placed on the front table or exclusive ditch, which can be used to reflect the surface of the sky, the horizontal line, sunset, etc., usually in combination with the talents, making color change more rich.


It has the size, color, light, and virtual realistic function of variable aperture, and strengthen the brightness of the actor while the performance is moved while the performance will enhance the function of the audience, and to achieve local lighting of the actor half-length, the whole body, long distance, and small. Sometimes it can also use chasing performance abstraction, illusory stage plot.

The chasing position can be placed on both sides of the second layer of the auditorium, and can also be placed in the position of the stage and the rear and other stages, and there is also a surface of the auditor's seat top ceiling. The sector is set up in a closed-type chamber.


Special effect

Generally, it refers to the effect of the scene of the moon, the wind and lightning, and the flashlight. Or props light, oil lamp, candle, electrical lighting effect, or light effect of a specific glare area in the picture. This is a lightless light, what special effects do you need? What equipment equipment is used? What position is it? They are all vicinity, and they are subject to local conditions due to the stage performance spatial structure.

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