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The role and classification of stage lights in stage performances

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The role and classification of stage lights in stage performances

The role of stage lighting in the stage performance

1 Lighting performance, enabling the audience to see the actor performance and scene image;

2 Guide the visit;

3 shaping the image of the characters, fueling emotions and showing stage illusion;

4 Create a space environment in the drama;

5 Rendering the stillet;

6 Show, empty transformation, highlight the contradiction between drama and strengthen the stage of the stage;

7 enrich artistic appeal. Sometimes it also cooperates with stage tricks.

Lighting is generally classified

Stage luminaires can be divided into floodlights, spotlights and slides in optical structures;

Floodlight systemIt means that a uniform soft light can be emitted and the light fixture that can be illuminated.

Separate floodlights, top tora, footlights, and headlights, are generally used in tomorrow, painting, or performing area.

Concentrating systemRefers to a luminaire that can issue orientation and control the optical zone.

It is generally used to refract principle, and different spots are performed by the lens.

If a threaded soft shot can produce an edge soft spot.

The light of the concentrating effect is taken back to the light.

Slide systemIt is a set of mirrors in front of the concentrating lamp to make its light imaging.

This slide can be divided into:

1 Use slide imaging to the slide;

2 Put the movie slide on the scene by rotating the moving discs, water, fire, etc.

3 Use long focal plane to make small spots clear imaging, highlight the chasing light of the protagonist image;

4 The ellipsoid surface is called the lamp of the lamp.

Stage lighting is mainly based on the overall ideas of scripts, director requirements and stage art, draws the cloth design, and arranges technology to reflect the work.

The lighting design should be able to use a variety of styles to meet the performance of different styles. If there is any performance requirements, and some require the artistic conception of abstraction, freehand or metaphor.

Common light position for the stage light

To do the configuration of a professional stage light, you must first understand the commonly used light positions of the stage luminaire, which is an important part of the configuration.

The rough lights installed on the stage have surface, slap, column light, top light, backlight, overseas light, foot light, heaven and earth, flow light, and chasing light, etc.

The designer can arrange the site according to the actual scene reference. Whether it is a bar KTV, Wedding Auditorium or large activity projects can be referred to with the above light. Light positioning is performed at different positions depending on the desired effect.

1,Surface: From the front of the top of the audience, the light of the stage, the main role is the frontal lighting of the characters and the basic light pace of the whole platform.

2,Ear: Located on both sides of the outside, the light of the stage is divided into the upper and lower digital layers, mainly assisting face light, strengthening facial lighting, increases the humanity of the character, and the scene of the scene.

3,Column light (also known as lateral light): The light projected on both sides on the inside of the door, mainly used for both side of the character or the scene, increasing the three-dimensional, profile.

4,Top light: From the stage of the stage to the stage, it is divided into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows of top light ..., etc., mainly used for the stage general lighting, enhance the stage illumination, and there are many scenes, props The fixed-point illumination is mainly solved by top light.

5,Reverse light: The light projected in the stage inverse direction (such as a top light, bridge light and other reverse irradiation), can be sketched out of the character, the profile of the scene, enhance the three-dimensional sense and transparency, and can be used as a specific source.

6,Bridge: The light of the stage on both sides of the stage is mainly used to assist the column light, enhance the three-dimensional sensation, and is also used for the orientation of other light spaces, as a specific source.

7.Foot light: The light projected onto the stage before the table, mainly auxiliary surface light illumination and the shadow formed by the plane and the lower jaw formed due to surface light.

8,Heaven and earth: The light of the sky is mainly used for the lighting and color changes of the sky from the top of the sky and below the sky.

9,Flowing light: On the flow light frame on both sides of the stage, the main auxiliary bridge light, supplement the bench side light or other specific light.

10,: Self-view, the light-oriented position, mainly used to track actors or highlight a particular light, and used for the host, is a close-up of stage art, playing the role of painting dragon.

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