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How to build stage truss?

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How to build stage truss?

With the development of the times, different kinds of materials and props started to appear on different occasions. The truss is a common industrial material prop, its main custom material is aluminum alloy and it is very versatile. A truss consists of a flat or spatial structure with triangular units made up of straight rod components. The truss rods are mainly subjected to axial tension or pressure, thus making full use of the strength of the material. The product we are going to introduce today is the stage truss, and the installation steps of the stage truss will be described in this article in detail.


What's a stage truss?

How to build a stage truss effectively?

The importance of using a stage truss


What's a stage truss?

The stage truss is an aluminium alloy truss, which is widely used for performances and exhibitions, events, backdrops, lighting and sound hanging systems, etc. The principle of the truss is to form a geometrically invariable structure by means of a triangular frame made of straight rods, and therefore has strong stability.


How to build a stage truss effectively?

·Determining the base

The first step in building a stage truss is to determine the base. First set up the four bases in a rough position on the floor and adjust the legs underneath so that they are on a level surface.

·Insert the support posts

Insert the bottom part of the diagonal support on the outside of the base at the four corners, 2 at each corner, making a total of 8. Fix the counter-heads to the base with screws. Note that the direction of rotation of the counter-heads should be the same as indicated in the diagram.

·Attaching the floor

Attach the crossbeams on the ground. Attach the ends of the crossbeam to the two square sleeves on each side, so that the crossbeam is assembled on the ground. The next step is to attach the column trusses lying flat to complete the job.


The above is an introduction to the construction of a stage truss, which requires professional training. If the trust is high, then we need to use a lift kit, which is usually built at the bottom and then raised up. In addition, we need to select a suitable section that should ensure the overall stiffness and stability of the stage truss as well as the strength and local stability of each rod to meet the requirements of use, according to the materials used for the truss rods and the internal forces derived from the calculations.


The importance of using a stage truss

The main role of the stage truss is to bear mainly tension or pressure, which can give full play to the material and not only save material but also reduce the weight of the structure. When designing the stage truss, we take into account the stability of the structure so that no collapse occurs due to a sudden shift in balance form. In short, successful performance will definitely have a beautiful stage truss.

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