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How to attach lights to truss?

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How to attach lights to truss?

With the development of the times, more and more people are looking at how to make use of large stage equipment, and trusses are a typical example. A truss is a flat or spatial structure made up of straight rods. The truss rods are mainly subjected to axial tension or pressure, thus making full use of the strength of the material. With the innovation of technology, there are more and more types of trusses.

The product we would like to introduce today is is a light truss. As with stage trusses, the use of lighting trusses is far-reaching. In this article we will focus on the precautions for the use of lighting trusses.


Technical characteristics and design requirements of light trusses

What are the precautions for attaching lights to truss?

The reasons for using a lighting truss.


Technical characteristics and design requirements of light trusses

·Design requirements

From the mechanical aspect, when the shape of the truss is similar to the moment diagram of a simply supported beam, the axial forces of the upper and lower chords are evenly distributed and the most economical material is used. Therefore, the design of the lighting truss has been fully considered in terms of practicality and economy.


·Technical characteristics

Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of the lighting trusses, they are beautifully shaped and robust. Every part of the lighting truss has to be well connected with the required bars.


In addition to the above mentioned features, the lighting truss will be loaded and unloaded frequently and used repeatedly according to the location and stage scenes. Therefore, high requirements are placed on the portability and durability of the product as well as the professionalism of the installer.


What are the precautions for attaching lights to truss?

·Attention to the order of installation

When welding and assembling, you must pay attention to the order of grouping and welding, strictly implement the process and ensure the geometric ruler of the components. At the same time, during the construction process, the components needed for the installation process need to be prepared in advance. The staging effect is also planned in conjunction with the display theme to avoid affecting the stage effect.


·Reinforcement of pipe truss

When installing the lighting, the pipe truss should be reinforced at the segments of the pipe truss chords and the accuracy of the interface must be ensured to avoid misalignment. Guide plates are set up at the pipe truss to facilitate accurate alignment of the pipe truss, and the assembled truss need to be polished to a smooth transition after welding.


For large lighting trusses, the assembling of trusses is a high-altitude construction, which has a certain degree of danger, and safety handrails should be installed on the scaffolding to ensure the safety of the operators. In addition to this, the operator is required to wear safety devices.


The reasons for using a lighting truss

Light trusses are used in a wide range of applications and can be used in theatres, concerts, performing arts, or trade shows, stages and stadiums. Physically, it has a range of features such as light weight, portability, corrosion resistance and durability. Traditional lighting equipment is less versatile, has a more concentrated lighting area and can be more difficult to install. These problems can be solved smoothly with the use of lighting trusses.


The above is the information about Light trusses. For each Light truss, we have a strict production process and surface treatment to ensure that Light trusses have a long service life. If you would like to know more about Light trusses, please follow our company.

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