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How to assemble lighting truss?

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How to assemble lighting truss?

The lighting truss is a type of truss that is connected to the stage equipment to illuminate it, and it is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are highly customisable. As the number of commercial events increases, lighting trusses are being used more and more frequently. This article will answer the questions of those who know how to install a lighting truss correctly.


How to assemble lighting truss safely?

How to assemble lighting truss correctly?

Technical features of the lighting truss


How to assemble lighting truss safely?

·Avoid inclement weather

Construction outside in bad weather is not recommended, for this reason try to avoid typhoons or heavy rain to prevent bad weather from affecting the stability of the lighting truss.


·Additional safety measures

The stability of the truss can be further ensured by adding measures such as diagonal bracing, ties and reducing lateral wind forces. In addition to this, all operators need to wear professional safety equipment.


These are the safety matters for lighting trusses. When installing lighting trusses, we use a lifting table, but smaller sizes of lighting trusses do not use this equipment. Generally speaking, light trusses are made of aluminium, so they are very easy to carry and install.


How to assemble lighting truss correctly?

·Defining the site

The first issue to address in truss construction is the site. In contrast to indoors, outdoor truss construction requires attention to the levelness of the ground and the presence of large crowds in the event space. The equipment and parts required for the installation process need to be prepared in advance. It is worth noting that the main consideration for the installation of lighting trusses is the incorporation of stage effects.


·Basic installation steps

Clear the site according to the size of the installation required. Measure and mark the position of the column with a ruler and connect the base to the counter head. After placing the set base on the fixed column position, attach the crossbeam. Once connected, orient the square sleeve and connect the crossbeams so that the whole frame is formed on the ground. The next step is to attach the uprights.


·Ensuring the work progresses

When installing the lighting truss, we need to monitor the construction at all times. The surveying work should be followed up in a timely manner with follow-up measurements to observe the settlement of the tyre frame and load-bearing scaffolding in time to ensure the quality of the assembly of the trusses.


The above is all the information about assemble lighting truss correctly. When welding and assembling, we must pay attention to the order of grouping and the order of welding, and strictly execute the process. For any kind of joist, the first thing that needs to be done is to install the base, and then gradually connect and assemble the components.


Technical features of the lighting truss


When designing a lighting truss, we make sure that the truss does not collapse due to a sudden shift in the form of balance. As long as it is within the load range of the truss, there is absolutely no chance of a safety accident occurring easily.


·Load capacity

It is understood that aluminium trusses can generally carry an average load of 600kg or more. This setting meets the needs of various performances, music, etc. for hanging large sound and lighting equipment.


To conclude, a light truss is a very important event facility. Apart from large events, it can be used anywhere where crowds gather. Before buying a lighting truss, we must observe the finish of the aluminium alloy. Generally speaking, good quality lighting trusses have a more attractive finish.

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