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How do I choose an aluminum stage truss to build a booth?

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How do I choose an aluminum stage truss to build a booth?

Stage trusses are used by modern event planners whenever they build a stage for a big event. In some cases, aluminum stage trusses are now a regular product to make the stage more beautiful for the audience. Additionally, the aluminum stage truss provides a powerful corporate promotional tool for business events.

The aluminum stage truss is used in corporate exhibitions, sales promotions, recruitment, and various public events. The question may arise in your mind: how do I choose an aluminum stage truss to build a booth? Here are a few tips you can follow.

How Do I Choose An Aluminum Stage Truss to Build A Booth?

The experts recommend using an aluminum alloy stage truss for building the stage. The durability of aluminum stage trusses makes them ideal for long-term outdoor activities. Excellent performance and stability of the stage truss are two prerequisites for selecting an aluminum stage truss. Besides the fact that it can withstand wind and rain, it also shows the entire event perfectly to the audience.

Here are the things you should consider before choosing an aluminum stage truss for designing your stage.


Ensure the aluminum alloy truss can be bent in any direction according to the requirements of the corners. Unlike steel truss supports, aluminum truss supports do not require rubber to bear pressure, and rubber aging has little impact on their service life. You should check whether the bearing transmits force through its spherical surface with no force necking and whether the reaction force acting on the upper and lower structures is relatively uniform.


Before buying an aluminum event truss, make sure the truss provides stability to your stage. It can resist horizontal force to ensure that the structure does not disjoint during a horizontal earthquake. Additionally, it also can resist vertical tension to ensure that the upper and lower structures do not separate during a vertical earthquake;


Before buying, assure that your aluminum truss has shock-absorbing support and has good shock-absorbing performance. The aluminum alloy truss is capable of bearing vertical loads. The truss can accommodate radial and circumferential displacement requirements;

Glossy Truss Surface

Aluminum stage truss systems have a reputation for generally having a luster because the trusses are treated and remain beautiful, bright, and attractive. Therefore, you should observe the product's surface gloss while purchasing it to choose the genuine, qualified product.

With an aluminum stage truss, you can design an aluminum alloy promotion stage that matches the characteristics of your event, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your program. It has many advantages that make it widely used for event stages.

Final Thoughts

Some stages use square tube trusses, and some choose round tube trusses. The needs of each event are different, and the selected stage trusses or building styles will also be different. Many people choose steel truss instead of aluminum alloy truss because they are economical and a good alternative. The aluminum truss for stage building is more stable, lightweight, sturdy, and durable.

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