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How To Build A Church stage

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How To Build A Church stage

The stage is the focal point of each church service. A stage is a necessity, whether it be in a small church or a large stage. A grand, spectacular stage commands the audience's attention as soon as they walk into the church.

You can still have a magnificent church service, even if it takes place on a small stage. The following details will help you figure out how to build a church stage.

How To Build A Church stage

Determine Your Budget

Budget is a roadmap to help make planning your expenses easier while building a stage for your church. After determining the budget, you can go for the next step. 

Choose Between Permanent and Portable stage

Stages provide a designated area for drama productions, special music concerts, or regular church meetings, and they can be permanent or temporary. 

Stages that will be used occasionally for special presentations or dramas should be portable and small. You can build the stage from two or three sections. A permanent stage requires additional work, however. Your main floor project should seamlessly integrate with the rest of your main floor. It is more convenient and should match your needs to have a portable stage. You can customize the stage area to meet your needs. Portable stages are affordable and easy to construct. 

Measure Area

After selecting whether you want a permanent portable stage, measure the area the stage will occupy. Be sure to accommodate doors and structures which are already in place in the same area. Measure the area you will be using for the stage. The church's layout and the stage's size may require you to work around additional structures. If you want a permanent stage, you must leave enough space between the stage and adjacent structures. 

Construct Frame

Creating a framework is the next step in building your church stage. Because people will be walking on the stage, you'll want it to be sturdy.

The frame can be covered with wood boards or plywood. Although, the cost of wood planks will be higher compared to plywood covering. The stage will most likely be covered with carpet or paint, so thick plywood is the ideal choice. The top surface of the stage should be covered completely with plywood and screwed into the frame. You should cut the extra plywood into strips large enough to cover the stage's sides. This will ensure that the audience will not be able to see any bare spaces beneath the stage.

Don't forget to drill holes for wiring. If your church is using a permanent stage, mark out the wiring for the sound system so it can be run under the frame and up through the top surface. For easy access and use, drill holes in the appropriate places where cables and wires can pass through.


Covering The Stage

Cover the stage with carpet as the final stage of your stage installation. As an alternative, you can simply paint the stage's entire surface. The best choice is usually a short nap carpet or a Berber style, as this will muffle footsteps and prevent sound waves from bouncing off the stage. Carpet is the best choice if your church stages will be used for drama or music.

Final Thoughts

You should determine your stage type based on your budget and needs. Decorating your church stage can make it more attractive. Make your church stage more beautiful by using proper lighting, PVC pipes, and colorful backgrounds.

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