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How Does Lighting Truss Work?

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How Does Lighting Truss Work?

Lighting truss has so many applications that bring life to any party. Lighting truss allows lighting designers to hang static lights or automated fixtures in any location they choose. Lighting trusses are used everywhere lighting equipment is deployed. Let's find out how lighting truss works. After that, we will discuss the best lighting truss that is available for your use.


How Does Lighting Truss Work?



Stage truss, also known as lighting truss, allows lighting designers to place LED or automated lights, sometimes called "movers," wherever they want. Among the places where lighting trusses are used are theaters, music halls, performance arts centers, trade exhibitions, arenas, and stadiums. Any time staging equipment is used to illuminate the stage, and a lighting truss is likely visible.


Lighting fixtures and other staging equipment can be easily hung on a structure by connecting "sticks" or parts of a truss together. A Lighting Truss comes in various lengths that can be coupled together to create longer spans or other designs.



Depending on the application, the lighting truss system's design can alter from a four-post system to a three-post system that takes on a triangular shape; however, it is still held together by a series of cross members in the majority of situations.


Lighting truss is commonly used in many applications, including concerts, stage, theatrical, architectural, trade shows, and houses of worship. When you investigate a bit more, you will see that lighting trusses are almost always used where lighting fixtures are installed.



Lightning aluminum trusses have a range of advantages that make them suitable for structural applications. These truss systems typically consist of four tubes connecting to vertical and diagonal braces so that any weighted load can be supported, regardless of the direction in which the force is applied. The lightweight aluminum beam systems have an innovative design, which allows them to be as adaptable as any other material, if not more. Aluminum lighting truss systems come in some series and values, from the lightest, most lightweight to the heaviest, strongest, and with different weight ratings and capacities depending on the grade.



Why should you choose Dragon Stage Aluminum Lighting Truss?


The Dragon Aluminum Lighting Truss conform to strict green building certification criteria; steel is sturdy and durable and can withstand most of the hazards that timber trusses are exposed to;

Here are some of the benefits of using Dragon Stage aluminum roof trusses for structures with pitched roofs, in no particular order:



High Strength to Weight Ratio


The high strength-to-weight ratio of Dragon aluminum stage roof trusses makes them ideal for high-rise construction. Consequently, the product is not only stronger and more resistant to heavy wind and snow loads (we will discuss this later), but it also facilitates the creation of roof designs with exceptional span capabilities.


Premium Quality


Dragon stage lighting trusses are produced by companies that adhere to strict quality control standards and regulations. As a result, when the truss is delivered to the job site, it is totally constructed according to the design, with only minimal modifications.




With the right coating, aluminum trusses are very durable. Besides handling high-pressure situations under tension and pressure, they also require very little maintenance. Moreover, aluminum alloys are highly ductile, so significant deformations can occur before failure, most of which are obvious and indicate that the roof needs to be replaced. In areas where strong wind and/or storms are likely, the dragon stage aluminum alloy and metal roof systems are also recommended. As mentioned above, they have high compressive resistance, which makes them ideal for areas prone to heavy snow loads.


Completely Resistant to Pests


 There is a serious threat to wood trusses from pests in areas with high rates of termites and other wood-boring pests. The dragon aluminum can be used at any place.

 The aluminum stage lighting truss has excellent anti-corrosion properties, and the service life is much longer than the iron truss. You can use these aluminum trusses for years.



Fire Resistant


Dragon stage Aluminum roof trusses have fire-resistant coatings, so they are rarely destroyed by fire. Any structure that houses people or has valuable property needs these coatings. Additionally, improving fire resistance is beneficial for structures constructed in high-storm regions and areas with greater seismic activity risk, both of which will increase the structure's fire risk.


Different Options are Available


There are many options with dragon stage truss based on your needs. Depending on the type of program, you can choose a suitable option.


The Dragon stage aluminum lighting truss has premium qualities, durability, structure, and fire resistance, making it a great choice if you're looking to buy a lighting truss.


Some of the Dragon Stage Aluminum Lighting Truss


There are so many types of trusses available for you from the brand. Here are a few of the dragon stage lighting truss:


● Music Audio Lightning Truss

● Roof DJ Lighting Truss

● Roof light Truss

● Snake concert Lighting Truss

● Audio church Lighting Truss

●  Aluminum Music Portable Sound

● Professional concert Lighting Truss

● Portable DJ Lighting Truss


Not only that, so many customized trusses are available from the dragon stage that you can use for different applications.


Each Dragon aluminum lighting truss system costs differently, according to the design of the desired structure. Cost is also affected by the number of sections of each type needed and the manufacturer of the system. Through research, consumers can find the most reasonable price and produce the best results.





Compared to lighting bars and trestles, trussing significantly increases both stability and weight carrying capability in addition to virtually unlimited clamping surfaces, flat top plate pieces for mounting moving head lighting fixtures, uprights and horizontals for hanging lighting and effects units, display screens or monitors, and fabric sections for projection display, among others.


A full truss system covers all requirements in one structure if combined with a big workstation space devoted to current tools such as laptops, media controllers, and turntables or CD players.

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