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Exhibition Date: March 21-23, 2019

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Location: Dublin, Ireland

Overview of Exhibition: AES is one of the most famous audio products in the world. It was hosted by the Audio Engineering Society, attracted audio professionals from all over the world. This professional audio activity provides technical seminars and participants. You will access the latest research and technical information in the international top audio industry, and learn about the latest product features and application information.

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Nigeria:The second consecutive year, Cytech World Communication provides the Outline audio system for the Experience for THE EXPERENCE. The event was held in Tarva-Baleva, Lagos, held by the House of Representatives in the rock church, is the world's largest gospel concert, attracting 600,000 believers.

Experience's FOH audio settings include 30 GTO C-12 line sources and two sprint GTO-DF (down-filled) modules, while 16 DBS 18-2, eight Subtech 218 and four LAB 21 HS ultra-low tones The speaker ensures bass and bass. Low frequency power and precision.

Another 18 GTO C-12 components were selected to provide the necessary coverage width for the audience area near the stage, and deploy 32 butterfly as a delay unit. Eight DVS 12 cabinets were filled in the near field, and two DOPPIAs were combined with four Subtech 218 to process the edge filled. The entire system is powered by an Outline T Series amplifier.

Cyril Utomoibor, owner and directors of Cytech World Communication, said: \"As a Nigerian, this has always been a very important event, and they confirmed that our facts in a row means that we do it very well. \" 'The audio team is exhausted to take care of each detail. Finally, I really must say that the voice is incredible. The performance of C-12 is superior to all other systems used in previous versions. Although TaFawa-Balewa Square has a size of 280m x 200m, SPL and clarity are still great. My client Paul Adefarasin priest was very surprised and very happy, I am looking forward to the next wonderful performance. '

Active system engineer Carlo Gennaro added: \"This is the project I specially introduced,\" he is also confirmed again in the\"Experience\" magazine. Due to many people, there are many people, so it is important to achieve the best results in the coverage, which makes everyone enjoy the root cause of the program, no matter where they are watching. Due to the small scene, we use OpenArray 3D acoustic simulation software to \"Overview \" Our strategy, the result is very satisfactory. As a record, we have no distortion SPL is 110dB on the FOH platform from the drilling rig 40m. Pure happiness! '

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