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how to hang a lighting truss

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how to hang a lighting truss

The truss is a very common piece of equipment in our lives, its main function is to provide support and to be used in various stage or performance applications. The truss we are going to introduce today is the lighting truss, which has been used to connect the stage lighting facilities.


·How to hang a lighting truss effectively?

·The development history of a lighting truss.

·The reasons for using a lighting truss.


How to hang a lighting truss effectively?

·Determining the working environment

The working environment for the trusses is determined prior to construction, including: truss length, truss length and platform length. In addition to this, there are site issues to be addressed. In contrast to indoors, the construction of outdoor trusses requires attention to the levelness of the ground and the presence of large crowds at the event site.


·Specific steps for installation

Place the base in the approximate position on the ground, then attach the required beams and connect the ends of the beams to the two square sleeves on each side. At this point, the beam elements are assembled on the ground. Next, the post trusses are laid flat, then one end is screwed to the counter head and the other end to the cross arms, and the hoist and cross arms are hung. During installation, we recommend additional safety measures such as additional diagonal bracing, tension cables and measures to reduce the lateral wind force.


As lighting trusses need to be loaded and unloaded frequently and used repeatedly according to the location of use and the needs of the stage scenario, there are high requirements for the portability of the product and the durability of the product as well as the professionalism of the installer. All our trusses are subjected to strict quality tests to ensure that they are highly resistant to vibration and wind.


The development history of a lighting truss.

Lighting trusses are a type of stage truss, and trusses have a centuries-long market history. The earliest metal trusses in the UK were built in 1845 to suit a lattice truss similar to a soup-style timber truss, followed by a triangular Warren truss the following year. As these years continued to develop, so did the trusses in China.


In the 1990s, China started to produce trusses on a large scale. At that time, trusses were mainly used to build stages, display stands, temporary rest rooms for exhibitions and petrol stations, and such trusses were abstractly simplified by some engineering structures with the rod axes intersecting at one point, but they also provided the pavement for the later development of the truss industry.


The reasons for using a lighting truss.

Light trusses have a very strong load capacity and a long service life. At present, many different trusses are used in our country, both in the construction of projects and on the dazzling stage. It can be said that the escort of trusses undoubtedly provides a lot of convenience for people's life and production. The use of lighting trusses adds weight to support the active stage atmosphere. The market for trusses is long and varied, and different types of trusses can play an important role in different fields.

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