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What are Common sense for aluminum scaffolding use

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What are Common sense for aluminum scaffolding use

General of aluminum scaffolding 

The general structure of aluminum scaffolding is a combination of "building blocks", with standardized components and no loose parts. 

If there is no assembly tool, two employees can build a 20-meter-high mobile working platform at a very short time. 

The scaffolding parts are light and easy to install, transport and store. Therefore, you don't have to worry about crushing the ground.

It is High strength and stability. The supporting mechanism is designed reasonably, and the overall structure is firm and stable. 

The breaking tensile strength of the kite frame connection reaches 4100-4400 kg, which far exceeds the allowable tensile force of 2100 kg.

The maximum load-bearing capacity of a double-wide frame with a height of 12 meters is 500 kg.

Common sense of aluminum scaffolding use

  1. Ensure that all parts and components are well connected, The ladder, scaffolding and boom are sturdy, reliable and work perfectly.

  2. Scaffolding should be kept clean and free of grease, oil, wet paint, dirt, snow and other smooth substances.

  3. Operator's shoes should be kept clean, and leather-soled shoes are prohibited.

  4. If the height from the ground exceeds 3 meters, a stabilizer must be installed.

  5. Use If you feel tired, take medication; drink alcohol or have a physical disability, please do not use scaffolding.

  6. Aluminum scaffolding should be placed on a firm and stable surface. Do not place them on ice, snow or slippery surfaces without non-slip and fixed equipment.

  7. It is forbidden to exceed the maximum load weight specified during operation.

  8. when using Moving scaffolding on slopes, the Wheel brakes should be locked.

  9. aluminum scaffolding are conductive and should be avoided near live areas.

  10. During operation, the distance from the top of the ladder is more than 1 meter. Always maintain a safety height of 1 meter.

  11. A high place you will climb. During the operation, do not skip any steps on the top of the platform. So as not to lose balance and cause danger.

  12. Do not work at heights without handrails

  13. Clean the movable scaffolding regularly to prevent certain chemicals from corroding the surface of the aluminum scaffolding.

  14. If necessary, check the plug regularly. If the scaffolding material is damaged or the plug does not work properly, please contact the manufacturer for professional repair.

  15. Poor working conditions will shorten the life of the scaffolding.

Mobile aluminum scaffolding is a lightweight and easy-to-use scaffolding solution, which has been widely used in various scaffolding industries. we Dragon Stage company have extensive experiences in handling OEM and ODM orders and providing scaffolding for many companies in countries in the world. 

We provide tested high-quality, economical and high-quality aluminum scaffolding. Development started in 2008. A series of aluminum scaffolding with a long range of manufacturing, supply and wholesale quality assurance. 

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