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How to install stage truss?

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How to install stage truss?

Stage performance is an art form that is also one of the main pastimes of modern people. In the history of human art, stage art has a long history. It first originated in human rituals, and then gradually developed into a comprehensive art with many constituent elements fused with each other. Nowadays, there are various ways to stage performances, and the product we are going to introduce today is related to stage art. It is the stage truss, an essential prop for stage performances. The installation methods and precautions for stage trusses will be described in this article.


Specific steps for installing stage trusses

Factors affecting the installation of stage trusses

Why use a stage truss?


Specific steps for installing stage trusses

The steps to install the stage trusses are not complicated, firstly the four bases are placed in the approximate position on the floor, the heads are screwed to the bases and then the square sleeves are placed on the upside-down heads, this is to define the bases. Next, attach the required beams and connect the ends of the beams to the two square sleeves on each side. During the installation of the stage trusses, be careful not to push hard on the posts. We will also use a hoist, this is to raise the trusses to the bottom. After the bottom has been erected, tighten the diagonal brackets and one end of the column and we will need to tighten the other end with the base extension to complete the light stand. The most important thing during the installation of the stage truss is to focus on safety and never to operate it without permission.


Factors affecting the installation of stage trusses

·Severe weather

When it comes to safety stage trusses, care must be taken to avoid installing them in bad weather and we recommend operating them indoors. In addition to this, we need to take extra safety measures when installing stage trusses, such as adding diagonal bracing, tension cables, and reducing the lateral wind force.



The load should be determined by the size and load capacity of the stage truss. If the load capacity of the truss is exceeded, it is likely to cause safety accidents. The load-bearing capacity of the truss is within a reasonable range. When purchasing a stage truss, try not to save excessively on this aspect, which is directly related to whether the whole stage truss system can operate properly.


These are the main factors that affect whether stage truss can be used properly. Apart from that, the quality of the stage truss must be considered at the time. A good quality stage truss has good ductility, load-bearing, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, when buying a stage truss, it is best to choose a large scale manufacturer.


Why use a stage truss?

Stage trusses are used in a wide range of applications and with their good resistance and load-bearing capacity they are found in theatres, concerts, performing arts, or trade shows, stages, and stadiums in many fields. Stage trusses help performers and audiences to interact better and give the stage a sense of ceremony. In short, stage trusses play a huge role in modern performance.

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