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How to hang stage truss?

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How to hang stage truss?

The stage is the space provided in a theatre for the actors to perform, which allows the audience to focus on the actors' performance and obtain the desired viewing effect. The stage usually consists of one or more platforms. The product we are introducing today is related to the stage, it is the stage truss, a multifunctional prop that can be used in a wide range of applications. Although stage trusses are widely used, many people do not know how to use them, so this article will give a brief overview.


How to hang stage truss effectively?

The main function of the stage truss

How to judge the quality of aluminum stage trusses?


How to hang the stage truss effectively?

·Determination of base stability

Mechanically, when the shape of the joist is similar to the moment diagram of a simply supported beam, the axial forces of the upper and lower chords are evenly distributed and the axial forces of the webs are small. When building a stage truss, we need to build the base first in order to ensure its stability. The four bases are first placed on the ground in the approximate position, and then the bottom part of the diagonal support is inserted on the outside of the bases on the four corners.


·Tighten the components

Once the base has been built, we need to check that the four bases are level and it is important to fix the diagonal brace extensions to the bases. Then tighten one end of the diagonal brackets and the uprights and use the base extensions to tighten the other end to complete the lamp holder.


When hanging stage trusses we also use a stage lift. At the same time, after building the stage lighting truss system, four safety diagonal supports should be installed on each column, in addition, we do not recommend building two gantries for any column. The most important point is that all personnel who build stage trusses must be professionally trained and must not operate them privately to avoid safety accidents.


The main function of the stage truss

Stage trusses are constructed from a number of specifically shaped aluminium trusses. Stage trusses have excellent load-bearing and stability, as well as a high degree of randomness. Once the truss has been successfully erected, it allows the performers to get close to the audience and gives them a visual experience. In short, there is no performance that is complete without the use of a stage truss.


How to judge the quality of aluminum stage trusses?

When selecting an aluminium stage truss, we can first observe the surface treatment of the truss. Generally speaking, poor quality stage trusses will present asleep grass rough and unattractive appearance, and their shape may even appear irregular. If we encounter this kind of stage truss, we can exclude it for the first time. Secondly, observe the welding of the stage truss and observe whether the period size is accurate, all these factors will affect the stability of the stage truss. All in all, it is best to choose a quality stage truss from a well-known manufacturer, which is also to avoid after-sales service disputes.

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