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How to build event truss?

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How to build event truss?

The assembly of any large installation is not an easy task, we have to consider the quality of the product, the safety, and the abruptness of the installation. In this article, we will describe the steps involved in the installation of an event truss, which is a very common metal installation, but many people do not know the correct procedure. This article will give a brief analysis of the installation of an event truss, taking into account the characteristics of an event truss. At the same time, some general knowledge will also be mentioned in this article.


The basic component of the event truss

How to build an event truss?

What considerations should be taken during the building operation?


The basic component of the event truss

Our event trusses are mainly made of industrial 6061 aluminium alloy and are available in different lengths and sizes. The basic components include base, counter head, inclined support, square sleeve, and cross stretcher.

In terms of physical structure, the event truss is a flat or spatial structure consisting of straight rods with generally triangular units. It reduces the self-weight and increases the stiffness by means of load action. Thus, the event truss has a high load-carrying capacity. It is worth noting that our event trusses are half as light as conventional iron trusses, which reduces the labor burden.


How to build an event truss?

·Mounting the bases

First place the four bases in approximate positions on the ground, fix the head to the bases with screws, and then place the square sleeve on the upside-down head.

·Attaching the beams

Once the bases have been installed, attach the required crossbars, and connect the ends of the crossbars to the two square sleeves on each side. In this process, the beams are first joined together in the required length, which needs to be planned well in advance.

·Connecting the uprights

After connecting the crossbeams align the square sleeves in the right direction and connect the individual crossbeams to form the entire shelf on the floor. This step is carried out in the same way as the connection of the crossbeams, then the length of the column is determined and the cross-stretcher is attached to the top of the column, with the crossbar of the hanging hoist facing the long side of the dimension.


After the connection of the uprights, the uprights are mounted, using a truss sling to pass through the ends of the uprights in the direction of the unattached movable pins and through the sling holes. Repeat the above steps to complete the installation of all the uprights. Generally speaking, there are two types of joist connection, screw, and pin, but the installation method is the same for both types of connection.


What considerations should be taken during the building operation?

First of all, when installing trusses, make sure to avoid bad weather. Pay attention to the installation of booking and add more safety measures, such as adding diagonal bracing, tension cables, and reducing lateral exposure to wind.


After installation, the stand builder will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the stand throughout the exhibition period. To prevent the truss from installation accidents. The above is the information about the installation of the event truss. Our event trusses are stylish and have a wide range to meet all your event needs.


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